Reviews Morbihan. They have developed an automatic system for turning oyster bags

09:25  24 february  2021
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Les trois co-dirigeants de la société OstréA’Tlantic : Hervé Percevault, Laurent Perrin et Yann Pasco. © Ouest-France The three co-managers of OstréA’Tlantic: Hervé Percevault, Laurent Perrin and Yann Pasco.

In Locmariaquer (Morbihan), after two years of work and investment, OstréA’Tlantic is launching the marketing of an automatic system for turning oyster bags.

At the origin of the project, there is Laurent Perrin. Metalworker by trade with a long experience in the agri-food sector, he dives for a time into the world of oyster farming at Hervé Percevault, oyster farmer and manager of Viviers de Loc'Ker at Locmariaquer ( Morbihan ) . He discovers the pain of turning oyster pockets on the high coast. “I couldn't understand why nothing simple had been done so far to relieve these sea workers. I returned up to 15 tons of bags in eleven days. Imagine the trauma. "

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From the meeting of the two men the idea sprang up to work on improving working conditions and for that, to think about an automatic pocket turner. Because they must necessarily be returned. In the oyster beds, on top of these pockets laid flat on tables, algae grows which prevent the oysters from developing properly due to lack of light. "For the product to be of good quality, you have to turn the pockets regularly" , explains Yann Pasco, manager of Vedettes du Golfe and co-manager of SAS OstréA'Tlantic , created with Laurent Perrin and Hervé Percevault for the marketing of the OstréA Spin turner.

Archimedes' push

The turner is installed on a table specially designed for this system. The pockets used are standard. No need for an electrical system either. As the tide rises, Archimedes' thrust exerts force on the system's plastic floats. This is what causes the bag and its holder to turn over. Tested at a depth of fifteen meters in North Brittany, the system is resistant and does not undergo any crushing. In addition, the frame of the turner, made of aluminum, is not in contact with the iron table: galvanic corrosion is therefore controlled ", specifies Laurent Perrin.

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For the manufacture of the first tables, the three men call on an Esat establishment (establishment and service through work) in Auray. The marketing of these tables was then entrusted to the Coopérative Maritime d´Auray. Regarding the marketing of the turner itself, three depots in France caught the attention of the company OstréA’Tlantic: in Locmariaquer, in Charente-Maritime and in the Arcachon basin. Each of the depots is independent in the management of its stock and its sales.

To launch the product, the company offers packs of nine tables and forty-five turners. Oyster farmers can test before the next renewal of their park, suggests Yann Pasco. It took us two years to develop the Ostréa Spin turner. We have filed our patent here, in France, and in Ireland, the second largest oyster producer in Europe behind France, because we believe in its enormous potential.

SAS OstréA’Tlantic - Laurent Perrin 06 66 38 06 45; www.ostreatlantic.com

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