Reviews Afriland First Bank affair in the DRC: good deals from Russian Kirill Parinov

08:55  28 february  2021
08:55  28 february  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

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La banque Afriland First Bank CD, à Kinshasa. © RFI / Sonia Rolley The Afriland First Bank CD bank, in Kinshasa.

Since Friday, several media including RFI have been investigating the revelations made by two former employees of Afriland First Bank CD, a subsidiary of a Cameroonian bank in the DRC. These whistleblowers were sentenced to death at the initiative of the bank, which accuses them of theft, forgery and forgery, and criminal conspiracy. For Afriland First Bank, documents sent to the press and to NGOs have been falsified, even though they are thousands of pages long. RFI took an interest in an Afriland client, a Russian lawyer, Kirill Parinov.

Despite the withdrawal limit imposed by the Central Bank of the DRC to $ 10,000, Kirill Parinov managed to withdraw in cash, in a few months, nearly $ 50 million from his account. Officially Kirill Parinov is the head of three companies in the DRC. It is on the Riverside Project Management account that he will withdraw most of the $ 48.5 million between September 16, 2019 and February 18, 2020.

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This company, Riverside Project Management, was created three weeks before first withdrawal on August 22, 2019 with a share capital of barely $ 4,000. Its subject remains vague: personal services NCA (for "not elsewhere classified"), which therefore does not fall into any established category.

Finance the construction of a cornice in Kinshasa?

Kirill Parinov himself is quite mysterious. A Russian business lawyer specializing in international mergers and acquisitions, he is not known as a businessman in the DRC. Yet Kirill Parinov is associated with Startstone DRC behind the project to build a cornice in Kinshasa, a project valued at more than $ 1 billion.

According to the deputy general manager of Afriland First Bank, these withdrawals were intended to pay for the ongoing expropriations and the delivery of construction machinery. The information surprises the government side, which assures that this project has not started and that the evictions it should require will cost little more than $ 7 million.

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Kirill Parinov's partner on this project, Brazzaville businessman Serge Pereira, himself says he knows nothing about these withdrawals.

► Solicited by RFI, Kirill Parinov remained unreachable to answer questions from the editorial staff. Note that Kirill Parinov is featured in some business articles - until March 2019 - as a member of an advisory board of Black Cube , the Israeli spy company. Asked by RFI, the latter denies that Kirill Parinov did more than offer him clients in 2017 and 2018. Black Cube denies in any case any link with the latter's money withdrawals from Afriland First Bank.

► the whole survey on Afriland First Bank CD is to read here

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