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18:37  02 march  2021
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Euro at its highest level in two and a half years

 Euro at its highest level in two and a half years The Euro has continued to soar. On Thursday the exchange rate rose to 1.2173 US dollars and thus reached its highest level since April 2018. Since the beginning of the week, the common currency has been able to expand its high. © picture alliance / Julian Stratenschulte / dpa In the afternoon, economic data from the USA also gave the euro a further boost. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate at 1.2151 (Wednesday: 1.2066) dollars. The dollar cost 0.8230 (0.8287) euros.

During the pandemic, we have more time to set up, decorate and redesign our own four walls. This inexpensive 10 euro piece should not be missing.

So wird Ihre Wohnung im Nu gemütlich istockphoto © istockphoto This will make your apartment cozy in no time istockphoto

New furniture, a new wall paint or a few nice pictures can quickly hit the wallet. And yet we want to bring a harmonious ambience into our home. But can this idea be reconciled with a small budget? Yes, it works, because with this 10 euro piece alone, a room immediately becomes fresher, brighter and more homely.

This piece cannot be missing in any apartment

Kristi Ambrosetti is a senior global real estate advisor at Sotheby’s International Realty. In any case, she recommends including the Natur in your own four walls. The bright green leaves of Plants give hope and energy. They bring a piece of nature into your own home and are incredibly beautiful to look at. At a time when we spend more time at home than usual, plants are a great and, above all, inexpensive way to create a feeling of freshness and naturalness . In addition, plants are a really space-saving way to bring visual flair into the apartment. The common types cost no more than 10 euros. Plants add some color

Euro rises to its highest level since April 2018

 Euro rises to its highest level since April 2018 The euro exchange rate has risen to its highest level since April 2018. The common currency and the British pound benefited from progress in negotiations on a trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Great Britain. © Oliver Berg / dpa Euro and pound profit from the hope that Great Britain and the EU can still reach an agreement on a trade agreement after Brexit. The euro rate rose to $ 1.2259 in the afternoon. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate at 1.2246 (Wednesda

The radiant green or the colorful flowers of plants of all kinds add that certain something in any room, no matter how simple. Ambrosetti, for example, calls succulents her secret little weapon when preparing a house. These survivors require little water and no direct sunlight. That makes them an easy to care for roommate. The unique and angular shapes are great as a decoration on living room tables or sideboards. Succulents bring a touch of spa feeling into the bathroom and provide warmth and cosiness in the kitchen.

Although plants are now available in all price categories, many beautiful ones can already be bought at an affordable price. How about, for example, a set of three different succulents? According to Ambrosetti, this type of plant is the easiest to care for. They don't go in that quickly and don't need a lot of attention. The perfect, inexpensive option to transform your home into a place of well-being.

France team. Christmas The Graët regrets the Youssoupha song for the list of blues at the euro .
© Joël Le Gall / West-France Christmas the Graët estimates that the list of 26 players of the France team for Euro 2021 N "should not have been accompanied by a song that has become controversial of rapper Youssoupha. The President of the French Football Federation (FFF) Christmas The Graët felt that the announcement of the list of 26 players of the France team for Euro 2021 should not have been accompanied by a song become Peolemic of rapper Youssoupha.

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