Reviews still missing 2.72 km / h: Holtmann is Bochums Usain Bolt

01:51  23 march  2021
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The special sprint training seems to be particularly pleased with Bochums Gerrit Holtmann. Here, the colleagues are apparently referenced regularly in the barriers, but the VFL Sprinter does not come up with a certain Usain Bolt.

Ist der Düsseldorfer Abwehr entwischt: Gerrit Holtmann. © Getty Images is the Düsseldorf defense: Gerrit Holtmann.

properly leached Gerrit Holtmann did not work after the final whistle. For shortly after the "Sky" interview started right after the 3-0 success in Dusseldorf, the master's encoder of the 1-0 and scorer of the 2-0 wanted to do from Dannen again before the reporter for the VfL Sprinter for further questions were again.

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suitable for all its actions that evening then followed questions regarding the striking top speed of the 25-year-old. One of them was whether Holtmann had always had this speed. His dry answer: "Yes." There is no special key behind this quality: "There are no secret. Mama has just given me good genes."

Holtmann is "always above"

on top of that the VFL offensive man still hung: "We always have a good sprint training on Thursday in Bochum - and the week to week. Since I even run the 42 km / h. There we have there Such a band where another player pulls. And then I am, how should you say, always up there. " Self-confident tones that could be able to announce his colleagues in the upcoming sessions slightly. On a certain Usain Bolt, his sign in the world's fastest man in the world, but Holtmann lacks a few grains. The Jamaican is set on the racetrack at an average speed once 44.72 km / h.

That's not the goal of Holtmann. Rather, the former Braunschweig, Mainzer and Paderborner has the reconcilment of 1st place (two points in front of the HSV) further firmly in view. What is so slowly fixing himself: "We are a game-strong team - and that were important points in Dusseldorf today. Now we want to prove to continue thinking from game to game. But I think so slowly dream."

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