Reviews Regional Court Braunschweig: Diesel Fraud Process against ex-VW chief Winter grain re-postponed

19:21  24 march  2021
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The process against ex-VW boss Martin Winterkorn should start now in mid-September. By the beginning of July 2023, more than 130 negotiation days are scheduled.

Den Vorwurf des gewerbs- und bandenmäßigen Betrugs im Dieselskandal hat Winterkorn zurückgewiesen. © dpa The allegation of the commercial and bonded fraud in the diesel scandal has rejected winter grain.

The beginning of the diesel fraud process against the former VW Group chief Martin Winterkorn is delayed at least another five months. The Braunschweiger district court announced a corresponding shift on Wednesday.

Instead of April 20, the main negotiation in the central criminal proceedings for the clarification of the exhaust scandal should now start until September 16, it was said. Earlier before, had a postponement by about two months , originally the prelude for the end of February had been envisaged.

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Reason is the insecure corona situation that makes presence dates in the hall with many participants and the expected great public interest difficult. The process was therefore already relocated by the court to the Stadthalle of Braunschweig.

It is also aimed at the "evaluation that the Chancellor and the Prime Ministers and Prime Ministers of the Countries hired in their recent video technology of 22.03.2021," explained the competent chamber. In existence, planning has continued to give more than 130 individual negotiation dates to mid-2023.

In addition to winter grain, four more, partly former vw guides are charged. The Public Prosecutor's Office will give you commercial and ganguligial fraud in connection with exhaust manipulations to millions of cars, which had triggered the diesel crisis in 2015.

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Already at the beginning of the year, there had been indications that the court could postpone the main hearing - possibly because of the health status of Winterkorn (73). The chamber had been advised to be advised to negotiate from a reviewer. It was not clear if he could appear regularly - winter grain should be struck by his environment.

For the current postponement, the judges referred to the pandemic situation: Although the initially targeted launch of the recent Corona decisions is not directly affected, it seems "appropriate" to avoid a later appointment to ensure health protection for all involved be.

In September 2015, Volkswagen had admitted manipulations to exhaust gas values ​​after examinations of authorities in the US. The software of certain motors was set so that significantly more toxic nitrogen oxides were ejected on the road than in tests. The revelations started the exhaust scandal, which cost the Group far more than 30 billion euros on legal expenditure. In addition, a deep confidence crisis recorded the entire car industry.

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winter grain had resigned quickly. He was "no misconduct conscious," he said then. Before an inquiry committee of the Bundestag, he also stressed not to have known illegal deception. The prosecutor Braunschweig complained after lengthy investigations. In the meantime, rumors had made the round of attitude to the procedure because the prosecutors had to work in some points.

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