Reviews Nico Hülkenberg: First simulatory days for Mercedes and Aston Martin completed

08:55  07 april  2021
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Covid-19: It’s the crisis at Aston Villa

 Covid-19: It’s the crisis at Aston Villa © Supplied by Sports.fr Also promoted, Aston Villa, 19th in the standings, would come back down to the Championship just one year after its recovery. At the moment, the Covid-19 epidemic is impacting many clubs like Aston Villa . Indeed, the England team saw that a large part of the players and technical staff were in isolation following PCR tests on Monday. In addition, the number of cases increased during the second round of tests scheduled for Thursday morning.

Nico Hülkenberg verrät bei ServusTV immer wieder interessante Anekdoten © ServusTV Nico Hülkenberg reveals interesting anecdotes

Nico Hülkenberg and is no longer active in Formula 1 more than a regular driver, but he has lost the connection to the Royal class not. In 2021 he is even in triple function: as a substitute driver at Mercedes and Aston Martin, one of the Grand Prix pilots should, for example, collapsed coronabed, and as an expert and co-commentator at the Austrian station servusTV.

In the latter function, he has revealed around the season opener in Bahrain that he has already been "one day" in the simulator of Mercedes and Aston Martin and has seen themselves on the new cars.

Obituary for Jürgen Hubbert: Mercedes' motorsport makers

 Obituary for Jürgen Hubbert: Mercedes' motorsport makers © Motorsport Images Jürgen Hubbert's life's work continues to this day Jürgen Hubbert died on Friday at the age of 81 in Sindelfingen . Mercedes is mourning the loss of a leader who gave the brand with the star new impetus. Most of all, however, Hubbert will forever be associated with Mercedes' return to motorsport. © Daimler Mercedes Hubbert was the key figure in Mercedes entering the DTM, sports car racing and finally Formula 1 at the end of the 1980s.

"You already get a sense of how such a car leaves. This is a first impression that is also important," he says. "The Aston Martin is already different to drive than last year. But if it's really reality, it's always a different feeling on the track and again a learning process you have to go through quickly."

In addition, Hülkenberg has succeeded in the live commentary at 'ServusTV' that Helmut Marko once was "Not Amused" when he was imagined at a young age, allowing Red Bull Junior. An anecdote, all involved today, can laugh at many years.

"If I imagine or competition somewhere, it is clear that I combat with optimal documents," remembers Marko in an interview on the Youtube channel from Formula1.de to the history told by Hülkenberg.

starter list WEC 2021 with 33 cars: ByKolles is missing, only four GTE Pro

 starter list WEC 2021 with 33 cars: ByKolles is missing, only four GTE Pro © LAT The WEC will have a full field in 2021, but the Pro classes are weakening Slow start into the new hypercar era of the endurance world championship (WEC ) 2021: Only five participants registered on a full-time basis in the new top category. Toyota and Glickenhaus are sending their two announced vehicles. As things stand, Glickenhaus would start at the 6 Hours of Spa, provided the Sebring 1,000 miles take place as planned. Then there is the single Alpine.

The Germans were at the time, in his go-kart time, "a loose guy", who had different in mind than to appear with a purposefully printed CV for the application interview. In addition, his manner was something strange in Marko's memory.

"But that's history," says Red-Bull MotorsportConsultant. "Now we have a great television commentator. He is a reserve driver at Aston Martin and Mercedes. Maybe he chatted something over these cars, what we can use! But he has arrived very well as a TV commentator. I have not looked at it yet But the quotas were sensational. "

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No Mercedes dominance anymore? Trapping believes in Trick .
Munich / Sakhir - 105 days - so long ago, the Formula 1 season 2020 ended with the race in the United Arab Emirates. Six of the last seven world champion titles brought himself to Lewis Hamilton, the remaining went to Nico Rosberg, so all of the work team of Mercedes. © imago images ham ver unsatisfactory tests - Mercedes rule over? But how long does this series continue? For the new season, the underbody of the cars was changed, and they were made harder.

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