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14:30  08 april  2021
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Lime Adds Electric “Mopeds” to Share Fleet

  Lime Adds Electric “Mopeds” to Share Fleet Pilot program launching in DC, Paris.“As we expand to new vehicle types on the Lime platform, we’re furthering our mission to provide a multimodal network of safe, carbon-free transport that alleviates the need for a car,” Lime stated. “The addition of e-mopeds makes Lime the first and only micromobility operator to offer riders three different vehicle types on one app. With mopeds, bikes, and scooters, riders can find a shared, electric vehicle from Lime, perfectly suited to make any trip under 5 miles, meeting any preference or comfort level.

The electric two-wheeler boom in China aside, Europe is a pretty ideal deployment ground for EVs. Most European countries have a far cleaner energy grid than places like China and India, and the continent is predominantly part of the “developed world” so the charging infrastructure is pretty developed too. Adding to the population of this market is the recently introduced Wayel W 3 electric scooter . The name sounds pretty Chinese and it looks like another Vespa rip-off, but Wayel is based in Bologna , Italy. It’s part of the Termal Group -- the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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The electric scooter is configured for the 125-class, moves up to 75 km / h quickly, is to provide 100 kilometers range and costs 4,750 euros.

  E-Scooter aus Bologna - Wayel W3 Elektroroller © Wayel

Classic Design, Modern Technology - The mating in itself can now be described almost as classically. In this row of electric scooters, the Wayel W3 now reins. Wayel is an Italian brand, based in Bologna.

The Wayel W3 is equipped with a 4 KW engine from Bosch , which performs its work in the rear hub. Energy supplies a double lithium battery, which should provide 100 kilometers range. The maximum speed of the Wayel W3 indicates the manufacturer with 75 km / h.

Wayel W3 packs 30% gradient

30 percent gradient should pack the Wayel W3. And if it goes downhill again, it can be delayed with the combined brake system that the braking force is distributed to the front and on the rear disc.

UBS: This electric car manufacturer could jointly dominate the EV market with Tesla

 UBS: This electric car manufacturer could jointly dominate the EV market with Tesla , he has already begun changing from the traditional combé to the electric car. In the future, the competition for Electric Autopionier Tesla should therefore increase; The fight for supremacy in electric vehicles is likely to intensify according to the UBS in the next few years. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • UBS: Parity for manufacturing costs and operating margin for electrical and non-electric vehicles up to 2025 • NOT NIO or XPENG in the future worldwide le

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Classic is as I said only the optics, technically comes the electric scooter with modern standards such as a colored LC display, LED headlight, integrated USB socket and alarm system. The standard facilities include an artificial leather seat and under the seat is a large helmet subject, while the Wayel accessory offers an retrofittable windshield.

Folie 1 von 4: Der Elektroroller Wayel W3 ist passend für die 125er-Klasse konfiguriert. 1/4 Images © Wayel Wayel W3 Electric Roller The Wayel W3 electric scooter is configured for the 125er class. Folie 2 von 4: Er fährt bis zu 75 km/h schnell und soll 100 Kilometer Reichweite bereitstellen. 2/4 Images © Wayel Wayel W3 Electric Scooter He drives up to 75 km / h quickly and should provide 100 kilometers reach. Folie 3 von 4: Technisch kommt der Elektroroller mit modernen Standards wie einem farbigen LC-Display. 3/4 images © Wayel Wayel W3 Electric scooter Technically comes the electric scooter with modern standards such as a colored LC display. Folie 4 von 4: Zur Serienausstattung gehört ein Kunstledersitz und im Zubehörangebot findet sich eine nachrüstbare Windschutzscheibe. 4/4 Images © Wayel Wayel W3 Electric scooter For standard equipment is an artificial leather seat and the accessory offer is a retrofittable windshield. Attractive subsidy in Italy

The Wayel W3 currently available in the color titanium and available for the price of 4,750 euros. He is not offered in Germany. Correctly attractive, the offer is actually only when the subsidies for electric branch wheels in Italy will be included. If an old burner is pulled out of traffic with the purchase of the E-Roller, there is a decent subsidy. Then the Wayel W3 costs no only 3,193 euros. And without a scrapping bonus, it would come to a price of 3,582 euros in Italy with the purchase incentive subsidy. Without support, the electric scooter costs 4,750 euros.

In Germany, there is no uniform promotion from the federal government - except the ten-year exemption from the car tax. Otherwise, each federal state, each county, cooks every city her own soup - or not.

GM amping up EV and autonomous vehicle development to $35B through 2025 .
General Motors is accelerating investments in EVs and AVs, and has announced two more Ultium battery plans in North America."GM is also announcing two new Ultium battery cell plants in the US, in addition to our plants that are already under construction in Ohio and Tennessee," GM's CEO Mary Barra said in a statement on LinkedIn. The automaker did not disclose where those plants will be located.

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