Reviews Danger at Sport: Almost half of all runners are injured within one year

17:30  15 april  2021
17:30  15 april  2021 Source:   pressfrom.com

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a new study comes to the conclusion that almost half of those who keep fit through run within a year.

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The injuries to knees, calves, or Achilles tendons were not dependent on how old the athlete examined were. Even the gender and experience while running did not matter, emphasized the scientists at the university in Swedish Gothenburg. As part of the study, they had chosen over 200 recreational runners who participated in the Gothenburgsvarvet half marathon. These were observed over 12 months.

The subjects were between 18 and 55 years old and were at the beginning of the study for at least a year runner, with an average pens of at least 15 kilometers per week. In addition, they had to be injury-free at least half a year.

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The runners had to lead a training diary. If you feel pain - no matter what kind - they were examined by a sports physician.

In the course of the 12-month study, a third of the participants injured. The researchers also considered those who argue completely from the project within the 12 months.

"One-third of the participants injured in the course of the study. However, if one considers those who rely entirely from the study, one may assume that almost half of all hobby runners is attracting an injury within a year," said Study manager Jonatan Jungmalm.

of those had more than half problems with their knees, calves or Achilles tendons. Most injuries were not long-term.

The researchers also discovered that the risk of injury was greater with those who had "relatively weak outer legs". The running style also played a role.

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