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How to spot a Ford pushrod V-8, from flathead to 460

  How to spot a Ford pushrod V-8, from flathead to 460 Let’s say it’s your lucky day, and you’ve found an engine laying around in the back of a garage with an unknown history. Or maybe you’re trying to discern which engine was swapped into a car, and all of the aftermarket parts between the fenders are muddying the waters. In any case, the first step […] The post How to spot a Ford pushrod V-8, from flathead to 460 appeared first on Hagerty Media.

due to supply bottlenecks in semiconductor components in the Corona pandemic, the car maker Ford stops production in some plants. "We examine the effects on our production planning daily," said a spokesman for the company on Friday. "Due to the tense delivery situation, production will pause in our plant in Saarlouis for the time being from 19 April to 18 May."

Ford-Werke in Niehl © Uwe Weiser Ford Works in Niehl

In addition, the company put the production in Gölcük (Turkey) at the joint venture Ford Otosan until June 13th. "This interruption involves preferred two weeks of factory holidays in summer and a week as part of Turkish national holidays," said the speaker. Also in the factory in Valencia (Spain), the production is reduced due to the delivery guest.

at the Ford locations in Cologne and Craiova (Romania) also came to production breaks this year. Currently there are no further interruptions planned, it said. (dpa)

Audi to Sell New A6 EV Hotness Alongside Old, Different A6 Gas Model .
The electrification of the auto industry presents a conundrum for automakers transitioning legacy models from gas- and diesel-powered internal combustion engines to electric motors: what if the industry is ready before the customer is? In the case of the Audi A6, the brand says it’s planning on selling two versions: one gas and one electric, the latter of which is set to arrive for 2024 and bear the name A6 E-Tron. © Manufacturer Audi A6 E Tron Concept front Why Two Audi A6s?Audi thinks some customers may not be ready (or able) to make the leap from gas to electric powertrains by the time the A6 E-Tron hits dealers.

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