Reviews aircraft manufacturer: New problem with Boeings 737 Max far-reaching as intended

10:30  17 april  2021
10:30  17 april  2021 Source:   handelsblatt.com

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Due to possible new defects, dozens of jets had to be exposed from operation a week ago. Now further defects were found.

Dir Probleme mit dem Unglücksflieger nehmen kein Ende. © dpa You do not end problems with the accident aviator.

Boeing's problem with the electronics of the accident aviation 737 Max, were pulled out of traffic because of the recently several machines , is far-reaching than first assumed. The causative production defects relate to components in several areas of the cockpit, as the Airbus rival confirmed on Friday. Boeing is currently working on solution proposals with the affected airlines to submit FAA to the US aviation supervision.

One week ago, the aircraft manufacturer had warned 16 customers before a potential defect and advocate the operation of certain versions of the 737 max until possible deficiencies can be excluded on the power system. US airlines then took precedence dozens of machines from the flight plan. However, a solution can be found in itself - when the jets can take off again remains unclear for the time being.

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The 737 Max is Boeing's best-selling model and an important winning britter . The series was after two crashes with 346 dead about 20 months with airbags occupied and only admitted in November in the USA for operation. As the reason for the wrongdoes, a defective control software was considered. The current problems are not in connection with it, insured Boeing . In view of the tragic history, the model is especially in focus.

that the problems at the electrical system of numerous 737-max machines are more comprehensive than initially thought, first reported on Friday the "Aviation Week" sheet. As a result, around 460 jets are affected, but of which only 89 were handed over to customers. Boeing has numerous machines in stock, which were produced during the flight ban, but could not yet be delivered. The new defects could brake the deliveries again.

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The Financial News Agency Bloomberg reported on appealing to initiate circles that the solution of the problem should neither be time consuming or complicated. As soon as the FAA Boeing's plans have approved, the work should not last more than a few days per aircraft, it was said in the report. Investors were initially relatively relaxed, Boeing's shares were temporarily under pressure in late US trade, but ultimately closed only slightly in the minus.

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