Reviews Corona Infection Protection Act: Countries criticize design for federal emergency brake

12:40  17 april  2021
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Saarland's head of government Hans warns before the consequences of a "further full-lockdown", Hessen's Prime Minister Bouffier has legal concerns. Meanwhile, intensive physicians penetrate politics to the hurry.

  Corona-Infektionsschutzgesetz: Länder kritisieren Entwurf für Bundes-Notbremse © Markus Scholz / DPA

As of an incidence of 100 new infections in circles and cities per 100,000 inhabitants in a week, initial restrictions should apply from 21 pm nationwide. So it sees the so-called Federal Notebremse: These measures to combat the coronavirus now criticize individual countries.

The Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans ( CDU ) was the plans as too inflexible. His Hessian counterpart Volker Bouffier (CDU) pointed to legal concerns about the initial restrictions. Intensive physician urged politics to hurry and warned a time-consuming dispute over detail.

Numerous procedures for Corona emergency brake registered in Karlsruhe

 Numerous procedures for Corona emergency brake registered in Karlsruhe The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has already been registered a day after signing the new Infection Protection Act Numerous constitutional complaints and urgent applications have been registered. There were about 25 complaints entered, said a court spokesman on Friday on request. However, the number will be constantly changing because new complaints were constantly going on. The federal emergency brake for curbing the Corona pandemic attacks from Saturday.

The Bundestag had dealt on Friday at first reading with the amendment of the Infection Protection Act. Even in an expert hearing in the Health Committee, there were different opinions. The scientific service of the Bundestag doubts the constitutional admissibility of the nocturnal exit restriction.

Saarland as a model?

Saarland's head of government Hans said the "world": "If we go completely unkreatively into another full-lock once again, that will help me," but it will also provide a lot of annoyance. Hans had previously launched a special model in his country. He opened shops, outdoor gastronomies and gym for the people who were able to present a negative rapid test. The infection numbers in the Saarland were not stronger than in the remaining Germany , said Hans. "It can be read that our very cautious opening steps are not an additional driver for infections."

New study: Large majority considers continuation of the lockdown to be correct

 New study: Large majority considers continuation of the lockdown to be correct It is more common to hear that popular support for combating the corona pandemic is crumbling and trust in politics is falling. The Forsa Institute's continuous corona monitoring shows something else: As since the outbreak of the pandemic, a large majority of German citizens (between 70 and 75 percent) always consider the measures taken to contain the corona virus to be appropriate or even in the new year not far enough.

Hessen's Prime Minister Bouffier introduced legal doubts about the admissibility of initial restrictions. "Already now there are great legal concerns about the starting lock, as it is formulated in the law," he said the "picture". He does not seem a disempowerment of the countries in the law. As Hesse position itself in the Federal Council , it is not fixed yet. "We are constructive," Bouffier said. "We are waiting, however, what changes there are still in the Bundestag. I think it's right to make the law in some areas of constitutional festival. For example, starting locks should be imposed only as the last resource. "

The President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (Divi), Gernot Marx, warned to a hurry. "There is currently no time for day or weekly discussions - now is the highest time to act," Marx said to the editorial network Germany. For detail discussions about the meaning of individual measures, he has no understanding. The infection has been brought into control as soon as possible. That's why you need the nationwide emergency brake - and better yesterday than today.

What remains of the flexible package tour after Corona?

 What remains of the flexible package tour after Corona? The package tour has changed due to Corona. Vacationers want security and, above all, flexibility. The organizers have reacted to this and, for example, have introduced tariffs with short-term cancellation options for an additional charge, some even canceled the deposit. © Christin Klose / dpa-tmn Package travelers now have significantly more flexibility in the corona pandemic, for example when it comes to short-term cancellations.

left for hard lockdown

The left requested a hard lockdown. "A consistent and solidaric lockdown with shutdown of most areas over two, three weeks would be much more meaningful than in this semi-hearted and stressful duration Lockdown continued for weeks and months," said Party Fee Janine Wisser of the "Augsburg's general" . "If you bring emergency brakes only with incidence values ​​of 100 and 200, you are already in the middle of exponential growth." The intensive care stations were full. "You can not open the schools and open the retail trade in model regions."

against Corona editions want to demonstrate people again on this Saturday in several German cities. Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht called the police on, with massive rule violations or even criminal acts "crystal clear a red line be pulled and consistently project." Demonstrations would have to be dissolved as the last consequence, the SPD politician told the newspapers of the Funde Media Group

on possible changes to the previous draft for the Federal Note Brake could be the health committee on Monday. An adoption of the Bundestag is scheduled for next Wednesday. The Federal Council wants to deal with it on Thursday. However, several federal states have already announced that the Corona emergency brake should already apply from Monday. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) had appealed to the countries on Thursday, not to wait for the Federal Note Brake in view of the tense situation.

Kretschmer: Mobility and contacts must be limited .
before renewed advice from the federal government and countries to the Corona measures, the third wave of the pandemic in Saxony continues to take place. According to Robert Koch Institut (RKI), health insurance offices also reported more than 1000 new cases on Sunday. The seven-day incidence climbed to 145.2 after 133.8 the day before. This is the second highest value of all federal states according to Thuringia. Confederation and countries want to advise this Monday.

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