Reviews KIA wants to develop next to electric cars further diesel engines

13:55  30 april  2021
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 Volvo wants to become a purely electric brand - Sells e-cars online © Volvo Car Corporation This means that the Swedish carmaker, which belongs to the Chinese Geely Group, joins the growing number of manufacturers who are abandoning conventional gasoline or gasoline engines due to stricter climate regulations Push diesel engines. The German manufacturers Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW are also massively increasing their share of electricity, but have not yet announced a specific end date for the combustion engine.

in Rüsselsheim continues the diesel engine development, while the company could also "short-term" a hydrogen car on her legs.

Kia plant, neben elf neuen Elektromodellen auch neue Diesel-Fahrzeuge herauszubringen. © Savvapanf Photo / Shutterstock KIA plans to also make new diesel vehicles in addition to eleven new electromodists.

Despite diesel scrapping premium and environmental bonus , Kia wants to continue to build diesel cars and develop appropriate drives in Rüsselsheim. On the other hand, the Germany-boss of the Hyundai daughter, Steffen Cost, sees a fully electric palette come, "which leaves nothing left." He also answered questions about Kias New ElectroAuto EV6 , hydrogen technology and the electrification of the Korean brand. The interview led the Auto Media Portal .

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Kia will not be purely electric brand

Cost looks at the EV6, the first model KIAS at the new E-GMP platform , no new epoch for KIA emerge. "Since 2014, we also have electromodists and plug-in hybrids since 2016," he describes the development. The EV6 is the next big step with pioneering loading technology and enjoying high interest. Cost calls 1,000 pre-reservations as an indication. So you already have an electric brand, but a purely electric you will not be so fast. "We believe that there will be the internal combustion engine for a long time." On the EU plans, burning burners from 2030 , addressed, he explains: "We are set to it and we work on a fully electric range that has no wishes open. "But worldwide, there will be further vehicles with internal combustion engines. In addition, KIA is in a position to offer the fuel cell as a drive and thus well positioned - regardless of what is there. Group nut Hyundai already has a serial model with fuel cell in the portfolio with the NEXO.

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Infrastructure Brakes Hydrogen Development from

"Hydrogen should definitely be a part of future mobility," finds Cost. Especially in heavy duty traffic, it makes little sense to "load a 35-tonner additionally with batteries". But the infrastructure is missing and as long as there are only 100 gas stations, Kia will not offer a fuel cell model. If you invest accordingly, you can build a supply network within two years, the managing director means. "The battery electrical mobility alone will not be the solution. We should not only put on a horse, "says Cost literally.

Plan S makes KIA to Mobility Provider

To map the change in customer behavior, KIA has developed a plan S. . S stands for "Shift", so change. You want to become the mobility provider from the manufacturer and, among other things, think about car sharing and / or abomodes in Germany, explains Cost. As a solution he sees autonomous vehicles . This will cover a whole city with a comparatively small fleet. So providers could then work profitable, says the 54-year-old. Nobody knew when the technology will be so far. He also expressed themselves for online sales: "We do not see that this channel takes a huge proportion." Kia has built a digital distribution route and an online showroom , which is very well received. Especially in the field of alternative drives you can offer interested parties a particularly detailed advice.

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diesel further offer and develop

Cost predicted, in five years the proportion of vehicles with alternative drive will be 25 to 30 percent. However, they also develop the diesel drives as this technique will play a role worldwide. "We will not give up the diesel early on and continue to offer in Germany," Cost announced for the next five years. Kia operates a diesel competence center in Rüsselsheim. In recent weeks, Audi , Porsche and had considered Mercedes to get out of the burner production earlier. The Federal Ministry of Transport brought the year 2035 for an end of such engines.

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