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12:50  03 may  2021
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China coup: Tesla is said to want to get into competitor BYD

 China coup: Tesla is said to want to get into competitor BYD Chinese media are spreading the rumor that Tesla is trying to get a 20 percent stake in the car and battery manufacturer BYD. Half of the share is to be taken over in cash and half in own shares. © BYD The Model 3 competitor BYD Han. Chosun , the oldest and highest circulation newspaper in South Korea, picks up on a rumor that is spreading in China through various online publications.

in an interview has compared Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica, the situation of your company with that of Tesla a few years ago and wishes more competition.

  Energica-Chefin wünscht sich mehr Konkurrenz - Energica fühlt sich wie Tesla © Photo: Manufacturer

is running at Energica: The exclusive contract for the MOTOE is extended by the end of 2022 and the Italians are currently celebrating an investment of converted 11 million euros from the American company Ideanomics. In addition, in the first two months 2021, Energica could sell as many motorcycles as many in 2019. Despite these successes, Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica currently feels something like Tesla a few years ago: "(...), if you are alone, then have You no competition and no real market. If you start competitors, then you also have a market and you can grow faster. ", She said recently in an interview.

Tesla competitor Byton on the verge of collapse: Munich site closes, high-ranking ex-BMW manager fled to China

 Tesla competitor Byton on the verge of collapse: Munich site closes, high-ranking ex-BMW manager fled to China Just a year ago, the Chinese electric car startup Byton had big plans: to conquer the international electric car market and will begin mass production of e-cars in autumn 2020 . This was announced by Byton boss Daniel Kichert, a former BMW manager, who was still confident at the time. There have already been 60,000 pre-orders for the Byton M-Byte SUV , which was presented at the CES in January, as reported by the tech portal "t3n ". This year it should have shipped in Europe and North America.

Energica like Tesla? Of course,

a comparison with Tesla ensures attention. In the case of Energica as one of only two manufacturers who exclusively build electric motorcycles and sells worldwide, it is comprehensible. Finally, Tesla was also a few years ago the only car manufacturer, who had a small but purely electrically powered offer and was on the market without real competitors. Nevertheless, Tesla has steadily driven research and development of battery technology and is therefore benchmark today. You can not say that from Energica. Whether the development department of Energica for the future still has so much to offer, whereupon the whole industry was jealous, seems questionable.

ENERGICA Not like Tesla

, Tesla has already sold the model s very well without competition and could quickly establish itself on the market and thus exert pressure on the combustion industry. Strongly supported by their own problems with self-suppliers and the following political turnaround to promote e-mobility in unprecedented consequence. Facts and effects that ENERGICA have neither can still have triggered. That may also be because Livia and Franco Cevolini may not be able to resort to the millions from the sale of ZIP2 and PayPal as the founders and makers or are not as active with Twitter. The journalistic vain would like to cite that Tesla also needed four years from the founding 2003 to the first roadster and another five to the breakthrough with the model S. a powerful thrust felt Tesla but also by entering the Investor Musk 2007. May Energica of the Entry IDENomics also miss a mighty thrust.

e-cars: VW platform MEB competitive with Tesla according to UBS analysis

 e-cars: VW platform MEB competitive with Tesla according to UBS analysis According to an analysis by UBS, VW’s MEB e-car platform is “fully competitive” with Tesla in terms of costs. When it comes to batteries, however, Tesla has the edge. © Volkswagen VW ID 3 receives over-the-air updates. The major Swiss bank UBS, together with the electric car experts from P3 Group , took apart a VW ID 3 and compared it with Tesla's electric cars.

Who is Ideanomics?

Ideanomics Mobility is a service provider that facilitates commercial fleet operators with the introduction of electric vehicles by offering Ideanomics with his business model "Sales to Financing to Charging" (S2F2C) vehicle procurement, financing and leasing and energy management solutions. Say: make it easier for big companies and leasing companies to take electric cars nationwide into fleet.

Competition Welcome

Against the background of the 11 million euros investing Investor Ideanomics and thus holds 20 percent of the shares, CEVOLINI formally appeals to the motorcycle industry, electromobility to address two wheels for the European market and thus the competition market emerge and grow. On such a thing, Energica wants to keep his leadership role and confirm, she says.

In addition to Energica with approximately 5,000 motorcycles sold annually, Zero Motorcycles - even 15 years - may not be forgotten. The Californians sell well 3,000 motorcycles annually after their own statement. Numbers, which the Indian manufacturer Joy also proclaimed by electric motorcycles in the domestic market. And the rest? Honda has just published the plan until 2040 no more burners developed and Kawasaki keeps the picture of Endeavour eV with occasional teasers, flanked by some patent applications. Smaller manufacturers such as Triumph are working either on their own premium concept or sweeping like Ducati of e-mobility first the back to . The Pierer Group as a mother of KTM, Husqvarna and gas gas seems to be differentiated here and sees electromobility mainly inner-city as assertive.

pulled ripcord why this country Tesla Semi Truck admission denied .
The electric trucks from Tesla - also called Tesla Tesla or Semi Semi Truck - does not receive authorization to operate on public roads in Australia. The reason for the cancellation will be explained below. © Provided by finanzen.net Mario Vedder / Getty Images • Australia prohibits operation of the Tesla Semi Trucks on public roads • Reason for the non-admission are the dimensions of the semi-tractor • Tesla rejects modification of the truck; Australia is intended to adapt traffic guidelines A

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