Reviews with "Eiskeller", Rover Forge beauty in the ice

08:15  08 may  2021
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Record an album in an old ice workshop, where the temperature never exceeds 8 degrees? Yes, for Timothy reignier, aka rover, which has locked in ancient glaciers in Brussels to dial and record "Eiskeller", his third album came out on Friday. Voluntary confinement in a place to tame.

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An album of Rover - this one is the third, six years after let it Glow - it is always the assurance of capsizing at some point. In the inflection of the voice or its unstoppable melodies, Timothy reignier has nothing to learn for a long time but its Eiskeller, "ice cellar" in German, was born from a challenge a priori insurmountable. Several months in the old Glacières Saint-Gilles in Brussels, huge place, disallocated, cold, full of an icy soul. "I thought it would be interesting to put all my instruments in the same room," he explains, what I have been fantasizing for a long time, being usually always on tour ".

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"It took time to tame, it was a priori the worst place possible to make music!", He exclaims with the hind. It is always he who plays all the instruments, which affects more and more to the technique too. Voluntary confined in global confinement, Rover has been able to dig each text, each melody structure.

"Time is a luxury, we miss everyone ... I took it!"

Rover, in FranceInfo

The album is superb, it is a habit, the concerts are waiting, obviously. But the artist takes him with a lot of philosophy. He acknowledges it, "If I could play right tonight, in front of a hidden audience and distanced up to the number of people, I would do it, even if I am already in a nostalgia of the Olympia full where you feel sweat". Whatever the costume, whatever the place, Rover adapts and rover seduces, always.

Rover, Eiskeller (Five7 / Wagram). Album available.

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