Reviews China: A Nature Size Replica Titanic Out of Land In A Future Amusement Park

20:15  14 may  2021
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A "Titanicland", it will be possible to make a "cruise" in the liner replica for 256 euros

Un parc sur le thème du Titanic avec une réplique géante du navire va voir le jour en Chine. © Christmas Celis / AFP A park on the theme of Titanic with a giant replica of the ship will emerge in China. madness of grandeur - A "Titanicland", it will be possible to make a "cruise" in the replica of the liner for 256 euros

no risk that it enters into collision with an iceberg. In the end of the Chinese campaign , in the middle of the fields, a life-size replica of the Titanic started out of the ground. Four cranes overlooking a huge dry shim at the edge of a river and workers are activated around the hull of an giant ship. It will be the flagship attraction of a brand new theme park dedicated to the mythical liner and located in Suining, in the south-west of the country.

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Realize the replica of Titanic, sadly famous ship that has sank more than a century in the Atlantic, killing more than 1,500 passengers and crew members, is "a very complicated project", affirms Shaojun, at the Origin of this idea. "We build a big ship as an aircraft carrier" on land, "he explains in his office, in front of a model of the liner.

A project at 1.2 billion euros

A Suining, the nearest sea is more than 1,000 kilometers. But the entrepreneur is persuaded: the curious will still move to visit "Titanicland", his theme park dedicated to the ship. Cost of the project: 10 billion yuan (1.2 billion euros). The inauguration is planned at the end of the year.

The Titanic was at its time the largest cruise liner ever built. It is supposed to be insubmersible, it remains synonymous with the greatest disaster in maritime history. As the original, the replica of Su Shaojun measures 260 meters long. It took six years to build it - double the true Titanic - with a hundred workers and 23,000 tons of steel.

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Printing to visitors to be actually at sea

Video: Titanic: a life-size replica of the mythical packbot will welcome the public in China (Dailymotion)

All, from the dining room to luxury booths and even handles door, is inspired by the original. And in the sake of realism, a real steam engine will give visitors to be actually at sea. "Titanic experts and historians have validated the construction plans," says Shaojun.

Price of a True-False Cruise Night: 2,000 yuan (256 euros). For a total change of scenery, the tourists will cross the park by minibus, with a background ... the must-have My Heart Will Go on Céline Dion , the original Titanic film with Leonardo di Caprio.

Great success in China

The film knew in China a huge success at its release in 1997. The most famous ship in the world has recently made the big titles in the country with the release of an unprecedented documentary which revealed The story of six Chinese survivors of the sinking.

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Despite the interest of the Chinese for this vessel, some are still questioning the viability of the reply. A few years ago, a replica of American aircraft carriers that had cost 15 million euros to build was abandoned shortly after its inauguration.

2 to 5 million tourists expected per year

Su Shaojun put on 2 to 5 million tourists a year. And the entrepreneur relies on a little boost. "For the inauguration ceremony, we would like to invite Jack, Rose [the main characters of the film] and James Cameron," the director, smiled by Shaojun.

Party on April 10, 1912 from Southampton (South of the United Kingdom) to join New York, the Titanic was shipwrecked after hitting an iceberg off Canada. The wreck of the ship, which was only discovered in 1985, rests with 4,000 meters bottom.

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