Reviews Elimination of the technique is highly controversial - Tesla Model 3 and Model Y without radar

18:55  27 may  2021
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Why Do People Buy a Tesla? Not Because of Elon Musk, Survey Says

  Why Do People Buy a Tesla? Not Because of Elon Musk, Survey Says New survey counters a popular perception that Tesla owners are all rabid fans of the CEO. Most say they bought one of the EVs because they like the cars.The real reason is simpler, and far more traditional: They like the cars.

Tesla saves the radar technology for Model 3 and Y. Now the camera systems have to recognize remote obstacles. 0 Tesla boss Elon Musk saves in its models Wherever it works Technology:

Model 3 and Model Y have no instruments for the driver and no mechanical button for the glove box, the new variants of Model S and Model X get no gear selector lever More   Wegfall der Technik ist höchst umstritten - Tesla Model 3 und Model Y ohne Radar and Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging Technology for Optical Disposal and Speed ​​Measurement), he receives as technology for fools. Musk announced the farewell to Lidar systems in a dedicated appearance during the Tesla Autonomy Day in April 2019. At that time he also placed a full autonomous Tesla taxi fleet for early 2020. This fleet was not today - but price increases came for Teslas assistance system package for partial autonomous driving in the chord. Currently, the "full potential for autonomous driving" technology in Europe costs an additional charge of 7,500 euros. In forums, a majority of Tesla drivers from the purchase of these formerly wrecking autopilot advises. Finally, serious accidents are still regularly passing, because the systems seem to have great problems to recognize standing obstacles. Nevertheless, MUSK wants to completely rely on a remote detection of obstacles by camera - Model 3 and Model Y are now no radar.

AutoPilot Functions Falling from Model 3 and Model Y should rely on camera data when driving into part-autonomous driving, and process them in the context of mechanical learning. This can cause temporary some autopilot functions are not available. Thus, the steering assistant automotive only works up to a speed of 75 miles per hour (121 km / h), but more is only allowed with 80 miles per hour (129 km / h) only in some Counties of the state of Texas (on a 66 Kilometer long section of the Texas State Highway 130 are even 85 miles per hour (137 km / h) allowed). In addition, the technique ensures a greater safety distance to preceding vehicles than before. This is controversial among Teslafahrers, as they fear that other cars in the then greater gap. The controversial systems ELDA (Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance - Avoidance of Emergency Continuous Stripes) and Smart Summon (vehicle comes on short slow parking routes Autonomous to the waiting driver) could be deactivated. In the past, both systems caused by misconduct for trouble. What is snow, dust, fog and darkness? The Model 3 and Model Y designed for the North American market is the first to get the reduced technique, Model S and Model X are only later. Critics emphasize that radar technology is valuable assistance in the orientation of the vehicle. You can not imagine that cameras can be sufficiently well recognized in bad visibility, such as strong fog or dense snow, possibly even in combination with darkness, on medium distances obstacles. Currently, some Teslafahrers deactivate the autopilot system with strong sunlight, as the cameras obviously have problems with the detection of obstacles. Tesla deletes radar cover of Website

Tesla itself has pointed to the advantages of radar systems until recently on its website: the radar beams went through fog, dust, rain and snow - and under cars. Therefore, the radar plays an essential role when it comes to reacting in front of the vehicle obstacles. This entry has disappeared now.

comes Model 2? Tesla allegedly prepares production in China before .
rumors, the preparations for the $ 25,000-dollar Tesla are already in full swing. However, the rapid introduction of the favorable stromer expires to a sticking point. © Tesla Tesla released this sketch of a compact model in a job advertisement 2020. Last year, Elon Musk grabbed the sensation: Tesla wants to take foot in the low-price sector. $ 25,000 is intended to cost the previously unnamed car, which is traded in the scene as "Model 2". Autonomous should be able to do it too.

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