Reviews female sport. A book to tell the fighting of sports

16:40  09 june  2021
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Megan Rapinoe, championne du monde de football et sportive engagée dans les luttes pour l’égalité. © AFP Megan Rapinoe, World Football and Sports World Champion engaged in struggles for equality.

The book plays it like Megan, Assia Hamdi, comes out on Wednesday, June 9th. The journalist tells the fighting of the sports at the feminine, through many testimonies of sports.

It is a British movie that less than twenty years may not know, and yet he has certainly marked more than one girl at the time. "Play it like Beckham" , released in 2002, then had totaled more than ten million spectators, who discovered the story of a teen football fan and eager to play, despite family reluctance.

Equality pay, maternity, menstruation

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almost twenty years later, the journalist Assia Hamdi publishes his first book, plays her like Megan , and to the reference to the film adds that in Megan Rapinoe, world champion of the world Football and American icon of the fight for equality . By building the plan of my book, I thought it came back everywhere. On the merits, she had strong positions on several topics that are discussed in the book. The idea was also to say that Megan Rapinoe does not wait to give it the floor: it takes it. Because it is in this book, see this June 9, 2021. The liberation of the speech of the sports, but also and especially their fighting, whether professionals or not, arbitrators, players, leaders.

Joue-la comme Megan, d’Assia Hamdi. Editions Marabout. 204 pages, parution 9 juin 2020. © Elodie Daguin plays her like Megan, Assia Hamdi. Editions Marabout. 204 pages, published June 9, 2020.

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- Megan Rapinoe (@mpinoe) March 8, 2021

Working for several years on Themes such as pay equality or maternity of sports, Assia Hamdi wanted to aggregate them in his book, after having a click with the Sarah Abitbol case. Early 2020, The former artistic skater accused a coach of sexual violence , in his book such a long silence . A testimony that preceded many other stories, other women. The Word is released, and athletes wishing to express themselves, on other themes.

Assia Hamdi has gathered some of these stories in his book, where champions say with sincerity motherhood, anorexia or menstruation, as many things they can live in a career, but who are not always well taken In account by clubs or their leaders.

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There is a question of lack of training. The supervisors still lack elements. An athlete, we do not know how to handle it during pregnancy, for example. Many supervisors told me that it was since the sports speak they realized that there was a problem. That's why we realize that the word of sports can really change things. The supervisors must bring the discussions.

"People need to know"

Estelle Nze Minko, Mélina Robert-Michon, Clarisse Agbegnenou ... They deliver their reality, not always well known, especially since sports are always less publicized than their male counterparts. The scenes, the reality outside the land, people must know it, wishes Assia Hamdi. There was a desire to speak, a need to express themselves, we understand what they live on a daily basis. They are investing so much, they train so much, they have as much passion as men.

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