Reviews conclusion with cross pain: with the 66-day rule strengthen the back

17:05  10 june  2021
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Danger at Sport: Almost half of all runners are injured within one year

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Der Unterarmstütz kräftigt viele Muskeln im Körper, insbesondere auch im Rücken. © Christin Klose / DPA-TMN The forearm support strengthens many muscles in the body, especially in the back. start is easy, staying hard - so it's often the sport. But just the back benefits from regular strengthening. In implementation, a concrete timestamp helps.

To strengthen the back and thereby prevent pain in the cross, perseverance is required. Physiotherapist Alexander Srokovskyi advises to the 66-day rule.

It states that back exercises consistently perform at least 66 days in a row. Also, if you do not feel so good.

The scope may be clear: According to the expert, there are already three minutes daily to relieve complaints permanently.

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Simple exercise against back pain

Srokovskyi describes by way of example a simple exercise for a strong back: For this you stand up with spread legs upright and goes slightly in the squat. Tense buttocks and stomach strongly and stretch the arms upwards.

It promises: "Keep this position 45 seconds and you will notice how your back muscles are criticized."

Further simple exercises are about the forearm support or the "swimmer", in which you lying on the stomach arms and legs slightly lifted and alternately lifts and lowers - similar to the crawl swimming. The view is directed to the ground.

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