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12:55  11 june  2021
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TV program: what to watch this week on TV? Our selection from Monday March 15 to Sunday March 21, 2021 (VIDEO)

 TV program: what to watch this week on TV? Our selection from Monday March 15 to Sunday March 21, 2021 (VIDEO) © Philippe Warrin / MMXX UGC FICTION - LES FILMS DU 24 - TF1 - BE-FILMS - RTBF TV program: what to watch this week on TV? Our selection from Monday March 15 to Sunday March 21, 2021 (VIDEO) The fiction The Hunt on TF1 based on real facts which traces the Michel Fourniret affair, the surprise and original series 6xconfiné.es or the new show of the Knights of the fiel: Les décoiffeuses on C8 ...

Dans la salle de cinéma La Clef. © Philippe Lopez in the movie room the key.

David against Goliath, the fight continues in the VE Arrondissement of Paris, district to the largest number of cinemas per capita in the world. In the role of the Teen Shepherd: the key, the cinema unlawfully occupied for almost two years by a troop of militant moviegoers. Dusty Room of the Latin Quarter closed in April 2018 by its former owner, the Social and Economic Council of the Fund of Savings Ile-de-France (CSECE-IDF), it became thanks to the freedom offered by precarious occupation The bastion of emerging filmmakers where day-to-day new ways of programming, supporting the young creation outside the cinema schools, to make a rare cinephilia live apart from the radars. From today, the collective is expelled by the police. Ironically, the cinemas can finally open their doors after more than six months of forced stop and each evening is projected a free-priced film, followed by a discussion with a director (this month if the room never is not expelled before, are invited Alejandro Jodorowsky, Alain Guiraudie, Alice Winocour, David Dufresne, etc.)

FAST AND FURIUS 9: The Diesel wine son at the casting with a special role

 FAST AND FURIUS 9: The Diesel wine son at the casting with a special role Why pass castings to young actors when you can recruit from within? For the needs of Fast and Furious 9 - whose release date at the cinema is currently set at June 30, 2021 in France, Diesel wine would have indeed managed to integrate his son into the saga.

at the bedside of the

culture in the role of the giant: the group SOS, new purchaser of the key and mastodon of the Social and solidarity economy (550 places, 21,500 employees, an overall budget of € 1,021 million) directed by a pillar of Macronia: Jean-Marc Borello. The Paris town hall, supposed to arbitrate, hides under the table, leaving the two protagonists compete. In February, while it has ceased to claim to be heard to save this concrete utopia around the cinema, the city left the European leader in the social and solidarity economy buy the room for the Sum of 4.2 million euros, a bite of bread in view of the price per square meter in the neighborhood. The Group's executives are ready to preserve at all costs the spirit of the place by offering in particular a programming initiated: "Message or impact films, with strong social and societal themes ; and directors often from minorities or so-called priority districts. " But even within the majority, this coarse deal does not pass. Elected communists, green or generation. SOS Group's economic model excludes collective adventures like the key, which the purchase of occupied cinema was first motivated by the alter notoriety acquired by the place in recent months precisely because of the mobilization. And its seductive real estate heritage.

What $122,500 In Options Looks Like on a 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost

  What $122,500 In Options Looks Like on a 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost You're going to want the bar between the back seats. It's $18,500, but that's just the start.I'm joking, yet I can imagine someone at Rolls reading that and saying,"Not a bad idea!" Because, after all, the very real 2021 Ghost that I drove featured in-door umbrellas that added $1600 to the sticker. And that $1600 wasn't for the umbrellas themselves. It was for the custom colors on the umbrellas—tan handles, navy blue stripes, navy blue beads. Conceivably, those umbrellas might never leave their silos in the rear doors, and yet somebody put a good deal of thought into how they'd look if they did. Oh, and there was also $120,900 worth of other stuff.

In Paris, the Borello group already has an empire, managing nearly 130 structures including emblematic places: the Café Fluctuat NEC Mergitur in the center of the Place de la République or the Pavilion of the Elysée. It's even them who occupied at the end of 2020 Charlie Hebdo premises, city properties. It is clear that this associative holding, which runs both crèches, EHPADs and jihadist dedicalization centers, now wants to count in the cultural sector. And nothing more logical in view of the Group's strategy of "saving" at risk associations than to come to the bedside of culture, a sector heavily impacted by the sanitary crisis. Last month, SOS acquired tango, historical nightclub of the LGBTQI + community in the marsh, doubling once again the town hall of Paris. We understand that the militants of the key who project on Friday night in honor of their fight, Bacurau of the Brazilians Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles, the history of a village that realizes that he suddenly disappeared from The card, feels besieged.

2021 Land Rover Defender 90 Channels the Defender's Roots .
The two-door Defender 90 excels as it crawls, wades, and climbs through the Scottish Highlands. British adventures are rarely spontaneous. This is a society that likes to prepare, with the intrepid among them bringing packages of sandwiches and insulated flasks of hot, milky tea—plus Arctic-spec clothing—when tackling the limited wilderness available on their densely populated small island.That careful approach to the outdoors carries into the off-roading scene in the U.K., which lacks dunes and deserts that can be attacked at high speeds.

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