Reviews Shortseller of Wirecard and Tesla: Why Shortseller The Tesla share so dear

05:07  19 july  2021
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Car Buyers Still Very Brand Loyal, Especially to Freshly Updated Models

  Car Buyers Still Very Brand Loyal, Especially to Freshly Updated Models If you like Jeep, Mustang, or Tesla today, you're incredibly likely to like that brand tomorrow, according to newly released consumer data from IHS Markit."We hear a lot of people talk about the next generation of buyers and how'everything's changing,'" said IHS Markit automotive business line leader Joe LaFeir."I truly believe this experience is also going to endear the next generation of buyers to brands as well.

The banking conference 2021 took place this year as a hybrid event. All panel discussions were streamed live on the internet, including a contribution from one of the most famous Shortseller in the world, Fahmi Quadir.

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• "Safkhet Capital" founder currently without Tesla shorts

• Shortseller popularity also by corporate boss Elon Musk

• Short strategy at Wirecard Successfully

currently no Tesla -Shorts

The 31-year-old, who gained in the financial world by the Short Positions of its Fund "Safkhet Capital" on Wirecard and Tesla Popplement, explained in a video transmission, reporting on the "Business Insider" That she had set in falling courses at Tesla in 2018. At that time, the company of Elon Musk has put in financial difficulties and it did not look after that the electric car recorder would be able to build the supply chains necessary for a car manufacturer.

Tesla cleans up in conquest sales, according to latest loyalty survey

  Tesla cleans up in conquest sales, according to latest loyalty survey For the second year running, Tesla converted the most buyers from one brand to its ownNot only did Tesla nab the conquest award, it also became the winner of the Highest Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make. In other words, buyers again purchasing an electric car or fuel-cell vehicle remained steadfast in their loyalty to Tesla. As we've seen in past studies, not much deters a Tesla owner. Even if a group of owners registers poor quality or reliability with their car, they still enjoy it enough to give the brand a pass.

Why Tesla A Shortscene Liebling is

Even if your fund does not currently have no short positions on Tesla, she explained why the Tesla share is attractive to so many shortshops. The company is the prime example of what is wrong in capitalism. "In addition to dizziness in accounting and false characters, Tesla has a business model typical for the Silicon Valley: a founder CEO having ultimate power and has no control and countercutting."

In fact, only a dispute with the US Stock Exchange Supervisory Board had led to Tesla boss Elon Musk forced to give up its item at the top of the Tesla Bureau . Until this time, Musk was working in a double function as CEO and as head of the Tesla control panel. But even if Robyn Denholm has an new, independent board of directors at Tesla has been installed, Musk continues to have a large part of the skill of his company in his hands. He is considered the gallion figure of the Group whose radiance has contributed much to the fact that the Tesla share was able to celebrate great success in recent years despite comparatively manageable business development in recent years.

Tested: 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance Hits 60 in 3.1 Seconds

  Tested: 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance Hits 60 in 3.1 Seconds Tesla's smallest sedan is amusing with more power and better handling.Not a believer? Floor it from a stop and try a few 30-to-50-mph pulls. This is a car that flirts with 1 g both on the skidpad, with a 0.96 g effort, and in gut-punching acceleration. An over-the-air update that was delivered back in 2019 promised a 5 percent increase of power to all Model 3s, and the Performance will pin you back in the seat like a supercar.

Belief alone is not

But Musk and its kind of corporate governance is not the only reason for Quadir, why the Tesla share belongs to the mostly well-hedged Share Signs on the Stock Exchange. It also refers to the development of the proceeds in Tesla in connection with an increasingly competition cross-market environment: Companies in an innovative environment could not afford to make no congregation for a long time, it emphasizes. "All believe with religious zeal that stock prices always rise over time," says Quadir. "It is very dangerous to believe that the stock prices would shoot in height, if one only holds long enough at a stock," cites BI from the video transfer of the banking conference.

At Wirecard, Quadir was correct

in the financial service provider Wirecard, bet against the Quadir long before the official announcement of irregularities, the Shortseller had the right rier. When the British "Financial Times" repeatedly published against the former DAX Group, Quadir explained, she was "fascinated by companies that are exposed to credible allegations over a long period of time, but always somehow escape". At Wirecard this has been the case for a decade. At that time, she advised Wirecard investors to have an accurate eye on the "core competences of Wirecard and the successes reported this decade and" to ask if that matches ". "What's too good to be true is usually not true," Quadir continues.

Meanwhile, the Wirecard case has been entered into history as one of the largest financial scandals. The company is handled, filleted and sold in individual parts. One of the alleged responsibilities for one of the biggest cases of economic crime, the former Wirecard manager Jan Marsalken, has been escaping for more than a year to escape a potential penalty.

The Wirecard share, which has cost nearly 200 euros at weddings, is today traded for around 0.36 euros. A crash that has paid for shortshelles like Quadir.

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