Reviews France 5 flies over the Amazon with a pilot not like the others in "the planes of the world"

10:40  19 july  2021
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Tandem (France 3): This funny wink to extreme limit, the Astrid Veillon

 Tandem (France 3): This funny wink to extreme limit, the Astrid Veillon worship series © Fabien Malot - FTV - Demd Productions Tandem (France 3): This funny wink to Extreme Limit, the Astrid Veillon Worship Series in the fifth unpublished season of tandem, offered every Tuesday night on France 3, the character embodied by Astrid Villon has launched a new challenge that is reminiscent of extreme limit The cult series attended by the comedian Tuesday, April 27, France 3 continues the diffusion of Tandem with two new unpublished episodes.

La série documentaire de « France 5 » nous emmène à bord de l’avion de Fernando Bezerra, ex-pilote pour les trafiquants d’or et désormais au service de Greenpeace. © Grand Angle Productions The documentary series of "France 5" takes us aboard the aircraft of Fernando Bezera, Ex-pilot for gold traffickers and now serving Greenpeace.

The public service chain resumed every Monday, the broadcast of the documentary series "The planes at the end of the world". On the menu of this evening, a trip to the Amazon with a pilot at the amazing trajectory, at 8:50 pm

The aircraft of the world resume service this summer on France 5. The documentary series with some unpublished for a fourth season. On the menu of this evening, a trip to Amazon , at 8:50 pm. This number takes us to Brazil , above the vast Amazon forest, to meet a pilot not like the others: Fernando Bezera . His story is exciting.

Crash of Rio-Paris: a lawsuit against Airbus and Air France? The Known Decision on Wednesday

 Crash of Rio-Paris: a lawsuit against Airbus and Air France? The Known Decision on Wednesday The Court of Appeal of Paris wedard its decision on the outfit - or not - of a trial against Air France and Airbus, a very awaited decision by the families of the 228 victims of the disaster © Bertrand Langlois / AFP A man in front of the tribute stele to the victims of the Rio-Paris crash at the Father-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

The filmed images of the sky are grandiose. This is the advantage of this program, to offer both the discovery of a place seen from the sky and explored on the ground. For this unprecedented issue, followed by a rebroadcast, director François Guillaume went for the Amazon. Comprising nine countries, great as 13 times France, it is the largest humid rainforest in the world.

Below its vast canopy, live 100,000 Indians, divided into 180 tribes. Some have never had any contact with the outside. For 35 years, a man, Fernando Bezera crisscrosses the sky. He did it for multiple reasons. To enrich first, putting themselves at the service of the orpalers and wood traffickers. And in front of the camera, he confesses to having won a lot of money.

Poisoned Earth

But the years passing, this seasoned pilot has experienced an awareness and when the NGO Greenpeace de defense of the environment asked him to work for her, he decided to redeem himself. The director therefore embarked with him and members of the NGO to fly over the territory of the Yanomami Indians.

Several illegal gold mines are exploited by orpalers and the goal is to photograph the sites to bring about evidence. Because this activity poisons the water from the rivers to large cities like Manaus, because of mercury and other heavy metals used to amalgamate the precious yellow metal during its extraction. Operators dig craters and slaughter trees. They threaten health - if not life - Indians installed not far from them.

The pilot has also taken care of removing the Greepeace sticker from the cabin of the aircraft, so as not to be shot at it by flying over the mines. "I am rebellted against the orpalers, explains Fernando Bezera who now lives in a secure subdivision because of the threats he has received. It's a crime against nature. Here, gold is not yellow but green. On the ground, the images are talking. But fortunately, this trip is not just a desperate observation and brings many other teachings, on the way of life of the Indians, on their customs and work. Not to mention the splendid aerial images of this place that is nicknamed the oxygen lung of the world.

The planes of the end of the world at 8 pm 50 on france 5

WSBK Donington FT3: Folger crashes in the wet, Rea with power demonstration .
© Motorsport Images Jonas Folger missed by a fall valuable training time while the two Friday trainings at the Superbike World Cup in Donington could take place on a dry route, it rained over Night strong. In FT3, the 21 WSBK pilots found completely wet conditions. Nevertheless, the training time was used intensively, because even for the rest of the weekend rain is predicted. for Jonas Folger was a good news of the weather exchange. In wet, the German was always competitive in the past.

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