Reviews BMW M1000RR vs. Yamaha R1: How Michael Van Me the Mark has to change

15:41  19 july  2021
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Shanghai debut at the Maybach-Style - BMW 7 Series Two-Tone

 Shanghai debut at the Maybach-Style - BMW 7 Series Two-Tone BMW sets up a new, limited edition model of its upper class series for China. Its painting is reminiscent of the cars of the worst rivals. © BMW Group Two-type paint covers are nothing new in the car world. Interestingly, they are mainly at the two ends of the offer spectrum: small and compact cars are often individualized through color-deposed roof parts, because their surcharges can maximize the margin. For the same reason, such coloring are also widely used in the absolute luxury class.

Michael van der Mark brings with valuable experiences of Yamaha: BMW better recognizes which areas on the M1000RR still need to be improved

with the commitment of Michael Van The Mark sucked BMW a big coup last year. In the winter, the Dutchman brought valuable experiences of Yamaha to BMW and helped the engineers in developing the M1000RR. Van der Mark reached his first top 3 result with BMW in Donington. He also showed what it's still hapert and what works well with the M1000RR.

"Each motorcycle concept has advantages, but also disadvantages," BMW Motorcycle Sport Director Marc Bongers talks to 'Motorsport.com' and reveals which impressions van der Mark has passed on.

MotoGP review: Jorge Lorenzo explains what he has imitated Casey Stoner

 MotoGP review: Jorge Lorenzo explains what he has imitated Casey Stoner Casey Stoner was also a model for Jorge Lorenzo: a special ability of Stoner has impressed Lorenzo and inspired to his sparkling times Jorge Lorenzo had a very special style, He helped him to drive racing wings. With extremely aggressive racing starts and fast first rounds, the longtime Yamaha pilot tried to settle from the rest of the field. This strategy harmonized perfectly with the character of Yamaha M1.

"He has meant, for example, that you can run the Yamaha better in the curves on the brake. That was missing him at the BMW, but there one can reach a lot with the geometry and the vote of the damper. He has it The Yamaha loved, "describes Bongers and adds:" We have to reproduce that for him. "

Michael van der Mark © Provil by Motorsport.com Michael Van der Mark

Michael Van der Mark drove from 2017 to 2020 for Yamaha

Photo: Motorsport Images

"Of course, he must also easily adapt to the BMW. On the other hand, he said that it said it It is very nice if you can overtake on the straight line, "Bongers suggests the benefit benefit of the BMW compared to Yamaha.

van der Mark's start in the first season with BMW was plagued by some obstacles. At the tests before the start of the season, the former Yamaha pilot could not sit in scene at peak times. The preparation time before the prelude in Aragon was also very limited due to the test restrictions.

2022 BMW i4 preview: 2 models, 80-kWh battery, 300 miles of range and more

  2022 BMW i4 preview: 2 models, 80-kWh battery, 300 miles of range and more BMW divulges a few more details about the electric i4 ahead of its US debut.What can I tell you about the BMW i4 prototype I drove in Malibu last week? It's a promising preview of what's to come. Familiar, approachable and packed with a ton of new features and technology, the i4 represents a big step forward for BMW's electrification efforts.

Marc Bongers © Provil by Motorsport.com Marc Bongers

Motorcycle Sport Director Marc Bongers wants to bring BMW to the top

Photo: BMW Motorrad

"Michael had not had much time on the motorcycle in front of Aragon. He tested only seven days before the first Event. He had the problem to build trust for the front wheel. In Aragon among the mixing conditions we could put him on the bike so that he could build trust. He has also been able to get this trust on drying route ", reports BMW motorcycle sport director Marc Bongers.

"In the second race, it did not look like that as if he had no confidence in the motorcycle," refers to Bongers on the top 5 result in difficult conditions. "We have come pretty far there. In comparison with Tom Sykes we had to fix many problems with Michael Van the Mark but with the first tests many problems we had already done with Tom."

with image material from Motorsport Images .

WSBK test in Navarra: Yamaha in front of Kawasaki, BMW with residue .
© worldsbk.com Yamaha pilot Toprak Razgatlioglu came on both days on almost 200 laps the Superbike plant teams of Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and BMW used the WSBK Pause between events in Misano and Donington to test on the new piste in Navarre. In August, the Superbike World Cup is greeted at the 3,933 kilometer long course in North Spain. Ducati was already testing in front of the WSBK season start in Navarre.

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