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13:30  22 july  2021
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Why the Bottas accident in Imola for Mercedes could be double expensive

 Why the Bottas accident in Imola for Mercedes could be double expensive © Motorsport Images gets the accident of Valtteri Bottas Mercedes later in the year? "A Mercedes de facto is a dewister is what we need most of all in a costcap environment," Annoys Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff after the accident between Valtteri Bottas and George Russell on Sunday in Imola . Because that could be double bitter for the team. annoying is not only that the Finn in Imola after the accident without important World Cup points remained in the fight against Red Bull.

T he fallout from Sunday's British Grand Prix continues to take Formula 1 headlines, with Lewis Hamilton being roundly criticised for his part in the collision which sent Max Verstappen careering into a tyre wall, yet James Allison of Mercedes has made clear that the English driver didn't do Christian Horner had previously called for Hamilton to be punished further than a 10-second penalty, whilst Red Bull senior officials felt the 36-year-old should be handed a race suspension. Mercedes , though, have been at pains to point out they feel their driver made no illegal moves at any point in the incident.

Hamilton was adjudged by race stewards to have been "predominantly to blame" for the incident at Copse corner, which resulted in Verstappen, 23, being taken to hospital after a 51G impact. The seven-time world champion was given a 10-second penalty, which dropped him from second to fourth at his pit stop. "What that means is not that you have to emerge in the lead; it means that you do not have to cede your position, you do not have to back off and the other car has a duty to avoid hitting you.

Am Auto war weniger kaputt als gedacht: Hamilton im Mercedes W12 in Silverstone © Motorsport Images At the car was less broken than thought: Hamilton in the Mercedes W12 in Silverstone

"If the race had not been broken off with the red flag, we would have had to accept a failure. " So Mercedes' senior racing engineer Andrew Shovlin was commented directly after the Great Britain Grand Prix 2021 in Silverstone. Well, however, it turned out: So badly the damage to Lewis Hamilton's vehicle was not at all.

Hamilton was in the start round of the race in the COPSE curve with red-bull driver max stages collides , where he had touched the right rear wheel of stages with his left front wheel. While stipen emerged and hit hard into the tire stack, Hamilton continued - and won the race despite a ten-second time penalty.

Mercedes team boss: with Hamilton still «One time thumbnails»

 Mercedes team boss: with Hamilton still «One time thumbnails» Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is firmly expecting a contract extension from World Champion Lewis Hamilton to this Formula 1 season. © Gabriel Bouys / Pool AFP / AP / DPA Portugal winner Lewis Hamilton had signed only one year-old contract at Mercedes. "At the moment we just can not imagine that we are not at a time," said the Austrian after the victory of the World Cup leader at the Grand Prix of Portugal.

Hamilton left one of the most consistently competitive top teams and joined a team that was not a regular Hamilton obviously understood better and that's why he joined Merc and Schumacher left , right? When Mercedes had the team structure in place and was preparing for the hybrid era they

Lewis Hamilton was left rueing Mercedes ’ choice of tyres after he finished ninth in the German Grand Prix. Wolff also confirmed Hamilton had been suffering from a bug. “He wasn’t healthy the whole weekend,” he said. “But he did the most he could to get himself in an OK place for the race. Many of us wouldn’t have considered being in a race car. You can’t be physically in your best game when you’ve been ill for a few days.”

Now Mercedes' Technical Director James Allison says: "We were lucky." Because the consequential dam on the Hamilton's W12 had been "fairly low", the whole situation was less dramatic than first accepted.

What was broken at the Hamilton-Mercedes

Allison speaks of a "broken or almost broken front left rim". This corresponds to the first assessment of Mercedes directly after the incident. Only at the follow-up of the Hamilton vehicle turned out: Although the rim had carried away fighting traces, but probably still survived the first stint.

was put on the test that was not: Mercedes used the red phase after the stip departure for tire change to Hamilton W12, which was no longer a topic of the rim on the front left at the re-start.

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class Bodyshell Revealed

  2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class Bodyshell Revealed The work that went into bodyshell of the upcoming 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class shows just how much time has passed since the last SL-Class debuted. The bodyshell of the upcoming 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class will feature significant gains in rigidity and torsional stiffness.The new SL-Class replaces a model that debuted in 2011, and is expected on sale by the end of the year as a 2022 model.The SL-Class is now in the Mercedes-AMG lineup, and is expected to receive two inline-sixes and a twin-turbo V8 from Affalterbach at launch.

Hamilton has won four of his five titles with Mercedes and is the favourite to claim a sixth in 2019, currently holding a 65-point lead with just eight races remaining in the season. Hamilton 's 'respect' for Ferrari fans. Ferrari finally sealed their first victory of the season last weekend in Belgium but still "They've not had a championship obviously since 2007 so there's that yearning that all fans have of seeing their favourite team succeed," he said. "I'm sure they're just relating it to the fact that I've won the championship the last few years." Hamilton celebrates in front of the Tifosi after winning at Monza

Lewis Hamilton yet to sign new contract for next season with Mercedes ; Hamilton took another big step towards seventh title with Emilia-Romagna GP win; Team principal Toto Wolff expected to move into new role at Mercedes . Hamilton was asked about his influential boss Wolff, who is considering stepping aside from his role as team principal, and the fear of Mercedes losing momentum without him when he replied in the press conference: "I don't even know if I'm going to be here next year so it's not really a concern for me at the moment."

In addition, the mechanics swarmed the front wing of the car, because there were "pretty cosmetic damage" on the front wing end plate, said Allison. "There it had torn a small sensor from anchoring."

Why Mercedes did not change the front wing

was a temperature sensor directed backwards and transmitting data about the state of front tires. "This sensor dangled only at his cable instead of the chic bracket, which we designed for it," explains Allison.

Why did Mercedes not just exchanged the complete wing exchanged instead of making the sensor "with tape and adhesive" to fix the sensor? Allison says, "Because it was the easiest in this situation."

It explains the Mercedes mindset: "Aerodynamically, the incident has not affected the wing itself. All parts that generate output and the power of the vehicle are conducive were absolutely intact."

no 1: 1 exchange, because it does not exist 1: 1 ...

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Lewis Hamilton will not leave Mercedes to join a non-British team, says David Coulthard. Coulthard, pictured last year, believes - like him - Hamilton wouldn't suit the Italian culture. 'Even if he did leave Mercedes , I just don't see him fitting in with the culture at an Italian-based team. I say that as someone who had a contract offered to me to race with Ferrari, in 1996, and in the end I just felt more comfortable with British teams.

Although Hamilton 's salary at Mercedes will be larger than the one he was offered by McLaren - and he has more opportunity to earn money through personal sponsorships and endorsements - sources close to the Englishman insist he has switched teams with a view to long-term performance. But Mercedes have sold the move to Hamilton on the basis that they are preparing for a huge push in 2014, when new chassis and engine rules are introduced. " Mercedes -Benz has supported Lewis throughout his career, from karting, to Formula 3, to our successful partnership with McLaren," said

"We also knew exactly how the balance of the car looks like this day with exactly this wing. We did not want to mess this balance by confusing this balance by Mount another wing. "

Because there is always the possibility that two identical front wings do not act exactly identical exactly, which was due to "small differences in the manufacturing process". "And such a small difference could have gotten us a slightly different balance. There it was much more meaningful to simply repair the little damage. That was done quickly."

One did not have to get involved in a potentially changed vehicle behavior, which might have gone with a nasal change, said Allison. His conclusion: "For us it was the best way to guarantee uniform performance before and after the interruption."

The result gives Mercedes right: Hamilton won the Great Britain Grand Prix before Ferrari driver Charles Leclec and Valtteri Bottas in the second Mercedes.

from a spicy reason: This flidger sells the Mercedes Boss .
Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff throws a few of its super sports cars on the market. These sweetheart - including two Ferraris - he offers for sale. © Provided by SPORT1.DE made of a piquant reason: This flidger sells the Mercedes Boss of Mobility Change attacks in Formula 1. Sebastian Vettel sold his super sports car and acquainted himself to choosing the Greens, now Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff place in his garage.

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