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23:57  23 july  2021
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in pictures. Ten Photographers from the winning by the museum of Brittany

 in pictures. Ten Photographers from the winning by the museum of Brittany © Cédric Martigny "I have staged my friend Thierry, who had left his apartment in Rennes during the confinement to install his caravan in my garden in Saint-Aubin-du -Cormier, "explains photographer Cédric Martigny. The Museum of Brittany organized a photo contest on the theme of confinement and awarded ten photographers. A sensitive testimony of this funny period. A few years ago that the Museum of Brittany is interested in the acquisition of photographic funds that enrich its collections.

Bochum / Berlin. The Bochum vonovia fails again with the attempt to take over the German living. But she does not want to give up yet. From the point of view of the largest German housing company there are several options.

  Fusion der Wohnungsriesen erneut geplatzt © Bernd Thissen

Even eight weeks ago, a merger made in the German housing industry, which would have produced the largest provider in Europe. More than 550,000 apartments in the total value of around 90 billion euros should have the Group that would have arisen by the majority takeover of German living by the Bochum competitor Vonovia. But the dream of the merger of two DAX corporations is dreamed, at least for the time being. Because the Vonovia failed with her attempt to take over more than 50 percent of German living.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Amin Younes is not a say goodbye to the SGE

 Eintracht Frankfurt: Amin Younes is not a say goodbye to the SGE last made rumors about a Youne's farewell from Frankfurt. But this is currently not an issue for the offensive player. According to a report of the image newspaper, Amin Younes should think of a say goodbye to Eintracht Frankfurt and his consultant entertained himself with clubs from the Arab. According to information from Goal and Spox , however, nothing is on this rumor.

After the end of the portfolio for the public takeover bid on Wednesday evening, Vonovia has been stated only about 47.6 percent of German-living shares, as it is called in Börswesutsch. Thus, "an essential completion condition of the offer has probably not been fulfilled," said the largest German residential company on Friday evening. The final result of the countant wants to publish Vonovia expected on Monday.

Significant parts of the German-living shareholders are currently hedge funds and index funds that are not allowed to act until the minimum acceptance rate is reached and all implementation conditions were met, declared Vonovia to the grounds for the failure of the deal . This means, for example, that managers of index funds, which align their portfolio on the composition of an index, will only decide if it is clear how the index, in this case the DAX will look in the future. However, the hedge funds were obviously so that they still bought German-living shares than the takeover bid of Vonovia already ran - hoping that they could later draw a higher price and earn at the deal.

Elon Musk finally speaks to numerous Tesla price increases

  Elon Musk finally speaks to numerous Tesla price increases Tesla cars cost a couple thousand dollars more than they did at the start of this year. Why? Musk explains on Twitter.Musk addressed the issue by responding to a user on Twitter, who commented they "don't like the direction Tesla is going." He first mentioned the removal of adjustable lumbar support, which he said was "almost never used.

Vonovia boss Rolf book responded disappointed to the failure of the takeover plans: "We have to experience broad support for our proposal to merge German living with Vonovia. An association of both companies makes sense both economically and socially politically to be able to tackle the major challenges at the housing market. Unfortunately, the current shareholders of German living have not delivered their shares sufficiently. "

Vonovia remains the view that a merger strategically makes sense and gave added value for the shareholders of both companies, Vonovia said. The company now wants a new public offer to check the purchase of other shares from other shareholders or the sale of their own German-living package, as book said.

For the case of a merger, Vonovia and the German hosted in the federal capital had (it holds there alone 110,000 of their 157,000 apartments) to the state of Berlin promised a limitation of rent increases, new apartments in Berlin especially for young families in view and that Offer for transferring apartments from the inventory to expand the municipal housing stock. Of the 20,000 apartments was the speech at that time. About these offers, book with the state of Berlin wants to negotiate without the hoped-for alliance partners at his side.

Macron in the Drôme: A Tour de France to spot the weak signals of angry

 Macron in the Drôme: A Tour de France to spot the weak signals of angry © AFP Emmanuel Macron goes on Tuesday in the Drôme for the second stage of his Tour de France. For this trip, he chose to meet the restaurateurs on the eve of the enlargement of the deconformation. Again, its agenda is wider and aims to try to flush out the weak signals from a political threat. Restaurants will be able to open their rooms Wednesday, June 9th. Upstream, Emmanuel Macron goes to the Drôme.

With the current failure, the hope for a coincidence of the two apartment companies is for the time being destroyed for the second time. However, five years ago, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of the German Living had not even adopted the offer from the Ruhr area. That was different this time. The stock market reacted negatively to the news on Friday night: the Vonovia share lost almost three percent; The German living fell back to 50 euros in the meantime, but then recovered easily. Vonovia's offer had 18 billion euros, which had met at the time a price of 53.03 euros per share.

has a positive effect first for the workforce of both companies. The corporations wanted to raise the acquisition of synergies of 105 million euros per year. That this should also be done by saving personnel costs, for example in the administration, was obvious. But until 2023, operational dismissals are excluded. So the Personnel Chefs must first try to move employees to the volunteer - about paths such as early retirement, severance payments and other offers. That's from the table. At least for the time being.

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