Reviews Lausitzring steep curve: full throttle in the GT3 DTM? "Who can do that, get a beer!"

21:16  24 july  2021
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only two DTM test days for BMW teams: Why van der Linde completely missing

 only two DTM test days for BMW teams: Why van der Linde completely missing Why the two BMW teams Rowe and Walkenhorst do without the third Lausitzring test day and Sheldon van der Linde will not be on site will be next week Complete the DTM from Tuesday to Thursday on the Lausitzring the second and last official test before the start of the season in mid-June in Monza. But a pilot will not be part of the game: Rowe-Pilot Sheldon van der Linde. "We will only be on site with a car and Timo Glock," confirms team boss Hans-Peter Naundorf in conversation with 'Motorsport.c

The steep curve of the Lausitzring is the ultimate test of courage of the DTM season 2021 - Some factors to consider that they are still fully going this weekend

With tension was the debut of the Lausitzring steep curve in the DTM expected. If the curve to go full or not? That was the burning question before the second race weekend of the season 2021. Nico Muller fired the discussion even with a loose saying, "The one who you full First Drive, tonight will receive a beer or tomorrow.." But

two free practices , a qualifying and a race has held later: The dream of full throttle on the steep banking seems to be a distant prospect. "We were far from full throttle", Audi driver Mike Rockenfeller meant to demand of 'Motorsport.com' after the race, and race winner Philip Ellis (Mercedes AMG) agreed.

DTM Qualifying Monza 1: Abril brings at Mercedes-Amg Festival First Pole

 DTM Qualifying Monza 1: Abril brings at Mercedes-Amg Festival First Pole © Motorsport Images Vincent Abril grabs in Monza the first pole of the new DTM era first DTM qualifying of the new GT3 era at 26 degrees And perfect conditions in Monza - and Mercedes-AMG delivers a come-made comment: The Monegasque HRT-Mercedes pilot Vincent Abril secured the first pole position in 1: 46,488 - and thus three points in the championship. And leads a quadruple guidance of the brand with the star ( here's the result ).

Creates the Ferrari of the Curve at full throttle?

Only AF Corse Ferrari driver Liam Lawson wanted this project not write off entirely: "We did not go full throttle, but we are getting closer but I do not think it will be possible with us is also still a lob it.. . "

general, one set in the Ferrari camp of the steep curve subject to relatively optimistic. Lawson's teammate Alex Albon said something like: "Honestly is the balance that we have this weekend, very good We're probably still approach the closest to full throttle.."

This is seen for example in the Audi camp quite different. In addition to Rockenfeller also Nico Müller is skeptical: "For me, it definitely was not full and I doubt that at some point will be the case is still very fast, but I think lupfen you have a bit to the front axle to.. relieve and make sure you stay on the clean track. "

"well imaginable": Valentino Rossi moves to MotoGP career GT3 race?

 © Gulfing 12 Hours For Kettle Racing, Valentino Rossi rose several times a Ferrari 488 GT3 still is open whether Valentino Rossi will continue its active career in the motorcycle world championship over the end of the ongoing MotoGP season 2021, but above Whether the nine-time world champion will hang his motorcycle helmet at the end of the year.

Marco Wittmann also does not believe that he can take Curve 1 full. On Saturday morning, he said, "Bock definitely makes it, I can tell you Unfortunately, it was not yet full throttle I am curious if it is in qualifying I think there is still such a little ... I call... be it this fear or respect-Lupfer it. it's really tight. "

That it ultimately comes down to is quite surprising for the driver. At first glance, the steep curve looked like they would easily go full. The see at least Wittmann, Timo Glock and Maximilian Buhk way.

Esmee Hawkey © Contributed by motorsport.com Esmee Hawkey

The Lausitzring steep curve was Esmee Hawkey undoing

Photo: DTM

"We have passed the track yesterday and have been thinking: That should pretty easy going, perhaps to cope with full throttle. . when she drives is but something else Every time the first time you reinfährt, you think. Hopefully you get make it again, it is intense and impressive, "says Glock almost from the challenge of steep turn.

Götz wins: Perfect weekend for Mercedes

 Götz wins: Perfect weekend for Mercedes Maximilian Götz won the Sunday race of the "new" DTM on the Lausitzring and Mercedes gives a perfect weekend. © Provided by sport1.de Götz Wins: Perfect weekend for Mercedes Maximilian Götz has won the Sunday race of the "new" DTM on the Lausitzring and Mercedes gives a perfect weekend. of the Uffenheimer triumphed in front of the New Zealand Ferrari driver Liam Lawson and leader Kelvin van der Linde (South Africa / Audi).

DTM challenge Steilkurve: Several factors

But what makes this curve so challenging. Several factors are responsible. At least in the race the tires make quite a difference from. "It is after 20 rounds quite difficult. You feel already like the right rear tire problems get," said Lawson.

addition, make especially the Ferrari camp to create the bumps. "The thing is: It's wavy So it's not just the car strong moves I'm surprised that there's no car ended up in the wall Some of us were close, but it was fun...." so Albon before the race.

"But it is perhaps a bit too wavy, which is a bit of an impact in our case too hard on the car, to drive them fully," Mercedes driver Buhk adds.

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"Already there is a lot of wear and dirt above in banking. So if you are too far moves to the right, then it will be too exciting, you go through this dirt and loses the entire grip. The continues to progress the weekend, the more a line emerge, "brings Müller's another factor into play.

So is it a done deal that the steep curve is not to drive through at full throttle? The last hope could be qualifying on Sunday. Then speculate Glock and Buhk. "The grip takes in over the weekend to. And on Sunday morning, in qualifying we could most likely in the vicinity come to drive them fully. Let's see," said Glock. On the beer from Müller has in any case other than the BMW driver.

With footage of DTM.

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