Reviews Afghanistan: 150,000 people fled the fights near Kandahar

16:30  25 july  2021
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Afghanistan, talibans, armée © Stringer / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency Via AFP Afghanistan, Taliban, Army

L Es Fighting Rubbed in Kandahar Province, Southern L ' Afghanistan , between the Afghan army and the Taliban. These fights moved during the past 22,000 families, reported the on-site representative of the Department of Refugees. These 22,000 families account for about 150,000 people, the National Statistics Office considering that in Afghanistan a family is on average composed of seven people.

They " have all fled unstable districts of the suburbs" West, North and South Kandahar, the big city of South Afghan "to safer areas" from the city center, explained Dost Mohammad Daryab, director of the Refugee Service in the province, cradle of the Taliban movement. "We could only build four camps to host these displaced in the city (?) Afghan businessmen help us for food," he added.

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video: images on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, while fighting continues (AFP)

"The one who will win can not reign on a city -Fantoma "

" When the fights broke out, my cousins ​​and I fled with our women and our children to the center of the city, "says AFP Hafiz Mohammad Akbar. "We now live to 20 people from the same family in a place that does not even have toilets. I have no idea how long let's stay there, "he added. In the fighting, two members of the Khan Mohammed family were "injured and are in the hospital". "I never imagined that it happens to us. If (Afghan forces and Taliban) want to fight, they go into the desert fight. They should not destroy the city. The one who will win can not reign on a ghost town, "he's insing.

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According to the vice-governor of the province of Kandahar, Lalai Dastageri, "The fighting continues in the suburbs South, North and West Kandahar". "The neglect of certain security forces (?) Paved the way for Taliban, allowing them to approach as close," he accused, indicating that the provincial authorities were "reorganizing all of the security forces ". With more than 650,000 inhabitants, Kandahar is the second largest city in the country, far behind Kabul. The Taliban had made it the epicenter of their power, when their regime, based on an ultra-rib interpretation of Islam, reigned over Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001.

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driven out of power by an international coalition conducted by the United States , they have been conducting an insurrection against the authorities of Kabul for 20 years, supported by the international community . In May, they launched an all-round offensive against Afghan forces, in favor of the international forces of the country and seized vast rural territories, which closer to several provincial capitals.

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