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21:25  04 august  2021
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"Napoleon" of Abel Gance: the titanic restoration of a major work of mute cinema

 for over a decade, Georges Mourier and Laure Marchaut have the restoration of a huge work of cinema Mute, "Napoleon" of Abel Gance. They hope to finish their work by the end of the year. © Provided by FranceInfo Titanic restoration for a crazy film. For twelve years, in the depths of a nineteenth-century fort is preparing the rebirth of a masterpiece of mute cinema, Totem des Cinephiles: the Napoleon of Abel Gance.

" 12 Monkeys " is something very special, in many ways. Not only because the ingenious-squared Terry Gilliam connects its unique sense of visuality with a gloomy, gripping history. On top of that, he brought Brad Pitt with a role of unusual role, in which he could show himself from another side, in 1996 the very first oscarnomination (as the best subsequent actor).

Heimkino-Tipp für Sci-Fi-Fans: 90er-Kult-Meisterwerk bekommt Neuauflage – und stellt Fans damit vor die Qual der Wahl © Concorde Filmverleih GmbH Home Cinema Tip for Sci-Fi Fans: 90s Cult masterpiece gets new edition - and puts fans with the agony of choice

in the end is "12 Monkeys" - and that should just come from today's perspective too The biggest special feature - but just a damn good bruce-Willis movie. And from the variety, it was most recently known little. So before you get current cucumbers like " Cosmic Sin " or " Trauma Center " home, you are sure to advise you better if you simply call you again his cult films and classics again. With "12 Monkeys" one will soon get not only one, but equal four limited new editions on Blu-ray:

The cinema The key takes the door

 The cinema The key takes the door © Philippe Lopez in the movie room the key. David against Goliath, the fight continues in the VE Arrondissement of Paris, district to the largest number of cinemas per capita in the world. In the role of the Teen Shepherd: the key, the cinema unlawfully occupied for almost two years by a troop of militant moviegoers.

>> "12 Monkeys" Limited MediaBook A at MediaMarkt *

>> " 12 Monkeys "Limited MediaBook B at MediaMarkt *

>>" 12 Monkeys "Limited MediaBook C at MediaMarkt *

>>" 12 Monkeys "Limited MediaBook D at MediaMarkt *

On October 30, 2021" 12 Monkeys "appears as Limited Edition in MediaBook. and as so often, fans of the popular special packaging may also look forward to several cover versions - so that every taste is served. The only downside: Who now hopes a 4K premiere of the "12 Monkeys" is disappointed for the time being. The MediaBooks only contain the Blu-ray.

"12 Monkeys": Milestone with Cult Factor

After a deadly virus contaminated the earth's surface, humanity is forced in 2035 to fall in the substrate. The only rescue: James Cole ( Bruce Willis ), which is expected to return to the year 1996 and prevent the outbreak of the dead-bearing plague ...

The Bog (TFX): Fastly casting, planetary tube ... everything about the genesis and the scenes of the cult film that revealed Sophie Marceau (video)

 The Bog (TFX): Fastly casting, planetary tube ... everything about the genesis and the scenes of the cult film that revealed Sophie Marceau (video) © Dr the Boum (TFX): Fastly casting, planetary tube ... all on The genesis and the scenes of the cult film that revealed Sophie Marceau (video) The film of Claude Pinoteau La Boum has become, according to his multiple television rebroadcasts (like tonight at 21h on TFX), a cult film that transcends the generations. Hence the desire to tell you more on the scenes of his manufacture, with our video.

that Terry Gilliam understands it like no other filmmaker, future scenarios not only exciting, but almost already feverish To stages, he demonstrated impressive in " Brazil " (1985). Ten years later, he laid with "12 Monkeys" - and fans of labyrinthine stories, dark dystopia and visually demanding science fiction another milestone of the genre, which reached cult status within a very short time - and has now been launched as series .

By the way, not only we are enthusiastic about "12 Monkeys" completely (in the. There are the full five points), but also the film start users, which give the time travel thriller a current average rating of 4.4 / 5. Thus, the movie is currently on Rank 15 of the best science fiction films of all time - still before over-classics such as "Terminator", "2001: Odyssey in space" and "Metropolis"!

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