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22:40  27 august  2021
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Cisco relies on Hybrid Cloud

 Cisco relies on Hybrid Cloud © default_credit Cisco-UCS-B series-1200 Cisco wants to support customers with new cloud solutions at their digital transformation. The heart is the new UCS X Server platform on which Compute, Storage and Memory are flexibly provided. Cisco launches a product offensive for the Hybrid Cloud. The background: Most of the companies worldwide already operate over 20 percent of the applications in the cloud.

Berlin. From the Chancellery, the proposal is in the room, also in the long-distance traffic of the train and air traffic to the 3G rule. Driving should then only vaccinated, ganzen and tested. Why that is not a good idea.

 Die Bahn könnte demnächst nur noch für Geimpfte, Getestete und Genesene fahren. © Kay Nietfeld The train could soon drive for vaccinated, tested and greeting.

Beware of the platform edge! Who is not vaccinated, recovered or tested, will stay outside in the future. The idea from the Chancellery to introduce the 3G rule at the train is not convincing. The plan is more of a further document that the Chancellor's dawn has progressed. And the same by Angela Merkel's Chancellor's Minister Helge Braun equal to - after all, he is mainly responsible for the Corona policy of the Federal Government.

Microsoft Edge: The Release Timetable by the end of the year 2021

 Microsoft Edge: The Release Timetable by the end of the year 2021 © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Edge The version 91 from Microsoft Edge is still reasonably fresh, it was released about two weeks ago and brought with lots of innovations with. Until the next main version follows a slightly longer break, then the beat number is increased until the end of the year are still five large updates planned. Microsoft Edge 92 will appear in the second half of July and is already in the Beta Test .

nobody wants to have pandemic driver beside themselves in the train, not in the cafe or on the plane. That's obvious. Nevertheless, the project reminds of the married Easter rest, for which Merkel apologized at the time. Also this time: not practicable, more trouble is produced as understanding. Because for such a tightly clocked system as rail transport, the implementation would be a Hercules task. Only to check the 3G rules to check out the 3G rules to filter out the less expectant vaccinations or non-tested, is only with great effort. In the episode, one will then have to schedule even more delay for the path for the already notoriously late. And also the idea of ​​checking proof at ticket control can not be a solution: What do you still want to bury the railway personnel who have enough to do with some mask refuser?

Microsoft Edge: Second Developer Preview for Version 93 Available

 Microsoft Edge: Second Developer Preview for Version 93 Available © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Edge Developer Preview While Microsoft Edge is prepared in the beta channel on version 92, which will only appear at the end of July, the version 93 has been tested in the developer channel. It should be released in September. How this is so, initially not very much happens immediately after a version change in the respective preview channel.

Video: locomotive strike at Deutsche Bahn (Glomex)

Effort and benefits are no relation to each other. Also, in trains as in airplanes already the mask duty, all protects. At the height of the pandemic, it was the federal government who has always assured that the risk of infection in railway trains is low as well as flying due to air conditioning. Where: In the meantime, the trains are so crammed again, that you do not really want to believe in it. If you want to be consistent, you would then have to introduce 3G in local traffic - and not only in long-distance traffic.

The plan should obviously increase the pressure on uncovered, immunize if this is possible. The announcement of low-threshold vaccinations in front of schools include, for example, as well. It's right to motivate citizens because the vaccine willingness has subsided. In the meantime, everyone should have recognized that vaccinated their freehear rights in many areas. But for more pressure, the system is the wrong valve.

When It Comes to SoulCycle At-Home Bike vs. Peloton, It's All About Preference and Cost

  When It Comes to SoulCycle At-Home Bike vs. Peloton, It's All About Preference and Cost Both indoor cycling bikes offer great workouts, but there are some key differences between these two competing products.Over the past year, the global pandemic forced many of us to embrace home workouts. And rather than ditching them to return to the gym, you might be looking to upgrade your home set-up to include a top-of-the-line indoor bike like a Peloton or SoulCycle bike so you can keep spinning and sweating in the comfort of your own home. If so, you’re not alone.

The Corona Chancellor still tries to do everything to brake up-to-rising infection numbers. The sense of what is necessary and mediated, Angela Merkel seems to be lost in the Corona tunnel of the last few months. At the same time, you are now missing in many places the political foresight, including the assertiveness. Now Merkel is back in Kleinklein. This time, one who has been anything but directed in the last four years, the Chancellor show the red map: Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer. He should do it.

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