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17:05  02 september  2021
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"Do nothing before": Red Bull, Mercedes clear faster than Ferrari

 © Motorsport Images Can Ferrari use its good starting position? The pole position in Monaco came with a small announcement, but the pole position in Baku but pretty surprising. Hardly any of the weekend would have set an Azerbaijanian manate - so the currency in the country - on Ferrari, but for the second time in a row Charles Leclerc stands on Sunday on starting place one ( Formula 1 2021 live in the ticker ). "That's a surprise for us," says sport director Laurent Mekies.

Das Golfduell mit Kumpel Lando Norris verlor Carlos Sainz © Motorsport Images The Golf duel with buddy Lando Norris lost Carlos Sainz

Yesterday Carlos Sainz celebrated his 27th birthday. On this occasion he prepared his Ferrari team a surprise, but had to put him in advance. "They told me that I have to change my car hire, and I had to go to 9 early," he says. This did not fit the Spaniard at all before his flight to Zandvoort.

"But when I arrived, I suddenly wanted hundreds of people happy birthday. That's what I thought," says Sainz, for whom they came completely out of blue. "I did not expect that," says the Spaniard. "But that was a nice surprise from the team."

The rest of the day consisted of the birthday child from the trip, a sponsor event for shell and a game of golf against his buddy and ex-teammates Lando Norris. The Briton did not win Sainz on his day of honor and celebrated his victory on Instagram pretty much - to the trouble of Sainz.

WEC and Le Mans 2023: Ferrari sets for Hypercar factory insert on AF Corse

 WEC and Le Mans 2023: Ferrari sets for Hypercar factory insert on AF Corse © Ferrari Ferrari and AF Corse also span in the LMH class Ferrari and AF Corse also tension together in the Hypercar era of the manufacturer of Maranello . As the Italian sports car blacksmith officially announces, Amato Ferrari's team will handle the LMH factory insert from the WEC season 2023. "We are proud of this announcement. It is the culmination of a dream and the recognition of the great efforts we have done over the years. Our partnership with Ferrari is a successful.

"He has dropped an unpleasant mail to social media and said that I would have collapsed or so if we just play for fun," says the Spaniard. "If I had posted on social media every time I hit him somewhere, then he would be depressed," he says. "And now he turns me once and posts immediately: 'Her hearth, I beat Carlos!'"

much more important than a success on the golf course is likely to be the Ferrari pilot but a success on the weekend in Zandvoort. In Spa, Sainz had only been part of one point after he had already eliminated in the rainy qualifying in Q2.

"We still do not quite understand why we were not so fast in the wet, as we should have been, especially compared to Imola, where the car was astonishing in the wet and we've driven some of the fastest laps of the race" , he says. "And then we suddenly come to Spa and really have problems with the grip."

"But we hope it's a unique thing, and we hope that we come back to the PACE on this route, again in Q3 and hopefully back under the first eight." At least, at least that no rain is predicted for Zandvoort on the weekend.

The route, which is new territory for the modern formula 1, knows Sainz at least from the formula BMW and the formula 3. "I remember that she was one of my favorite routes," he says. And that already with the speed of a formula 3 boliding.

"So I can not imagine how the Formula 1 will feel here. It will be intense, unique, especially with the changes you made. We can barely expect to go to the track."

Mattia Binotto: Ferrari pilots are allowed to drive free against each other .
© Motorsport Images Free ride for Leclerc and Sainz: The team boss hopes for more Ferrari duels since Ferrari has introduced his hybrid update, shows the form curve of Scuderia up. In the four races since Sochi, the Italian traditional racing stable in the Constructors WM passed past McLaren back in third place and developed a lead of 31.5 points. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are not just about points for the team, but also sometimes against each other around positions.

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