Reviews Max Max: Hamilton will definitely pass the McLaren

11:50  12 september  2021
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Max Verstappen hat die beiden McLaren als Puffer zu Lewis Hamilton © Motorsport Images Max Max Stapen has the two McLaren as buffer to Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel was the last red-bull pilot in 2013, which is a Formula 1 race in Monza could win. Eight years later, he could now stood Max, which will start the Grand Prix on Sunday a little surprisingly from the pole position ( Formula 1 2021 live in the ticker ). "That was always a strange course for us," says team boss Christian Horner.

"Therefore, it is phenomenal that we start from the first place. We only have to implement that now," he says. But that is easier to say than done. Because despite the pole Red Bull in Monza is not just as a favorite. Behind him, both McLaren lurked, who have shown in qualifying on Friday that they are fast on a round. And behind it is already WM-Rival Lewis Hamilton .

Montoya: Seidl the key factor for the McLaren upswing

 Montoya: Seidl the key factor for the McLaren upswing © Lat Juan Pablo Montoya and McLaren press spokesman Tim Bamton The former Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya is convinced that team boss Andreas Seidl is one of the key factors for the current Upswing of McLaren is. Seidl is "the big matter there", says Montoya in an interview with 'Motorsport.TV' . "Since he started at McLaren , he has wrestled the mentality of the team and how they tackle things," explains the Motorsport Network expert and underlines: "You now have a really healthy base." M

"I do not expect it to be a straightforward and simple race," says Max stipen . Although Valtteri Bottas one of the two Mercedes is at the bottom of the two Mercedes, but the Dutchman believes that the pretty simply occurs again. And Hamilton is in strike anyway. "We'll see what we can do against them."

stapping believes: Hamilton arrives at McLaren

Mercedes, which has shown qualifying, is clearly the fastest car in the royal park of Monza. Four tenths of a second could take off main competitor Red Bull on Friday. "Seen on a lap are definitely faster than us," says team boss Horner. "There are some curves in which we have some problems."

in the sprint on Saturday, however, stages could keep up with bottas and settle well from the McLaren , where Hamilton did not pass a path. This could be theoretically also stump hope: that Hamilton is held behind Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris.

Mercedes corrected: Hamilton would not have left

 Mercedes corrected: Hamilton would not have left © Motorsport Images At the car was less broken than thought: Hamilton in the Mercedes W12 in Silverstone "If the race had not been broken off with the red flag, we would have had to accept a failure. " So Mercedes' senior racing engineer Andrew Shovlin was commented directly after the Great Britain Grand Prix 2021 in Silverstone. Well, however, it turned out: So badly the damage to Lewis Hamilton's vehicle was not at all.

But he does not care about the hope. Because unlike the sprint, there is at least one pit stop in the race, where Hamilton can overtake the McLaren. Stairing is safe: "If we had a pit stop in the sprint, Lewis would certainly have overtaken a McLaren." So he will definitely come over. "

The McLaren themselves does not look like a great danger: "In the race, they are nowhere compared to us," he waves and refers to the twelve seconds, which he has driven out on the harder tires in the sprint. "If I can stay in the first two curves in front of you, you should normally be no danger."

What happens when McLaren is in front?

But what, if not? That's the big unknown. In McLaren itself , one dreams secretly from the victory , but knows that you need a good start. Then you could possibly keep the competition like Hamilton on Saturday.

"We are only competitive on the straight line," says Lando Norris. "We drive with comparatively little output, and maybe we would have a slightly bigger chance against Red Bull if we should be ahead. I could also keep Hamilton behind me, and Mercedes was in qualifying half a second faster than Red Bull. So there is there a chance."

Charles Leclerc: Ferrari in racing trimming stronger than McLaren

 Charles Leclerc: Ferrari in racing trimming stronger than McLaren © Motorsport Images Ferrari before McLaren? Charles Leclec believe in an advantage in racing trim "I had expected more," says Ferrari driver Charles Leclec after the Formula 1- Qualifying to Hungary Grand Prix on Hungaroring. However, he is "confident" to the race. Because his mission is to beat the McLaren driver Lando Norris over the distance. And Leclerc expects great opportunities that can succeed. "I think our racing pace looks pretty strong, stronger [than McLaren]," says Leclerc.

For stages, it would therefore be good if it does not cause any doubts and can not be snapped away from the McLaren at the start. They had a better starting position at the start in the sprint with softer tires and could do that on Sunday so to perceive their chance.

"The tire was pretty good," Ricciardo gives "but in the short race you had to take to take on what you can," say the Australian, who jokingly announces: "For me it worked well on Sunday Start a SuperSoft! "

Trapped: No Softs only because of McLaren

But that's why he must also put on softs to defend the attack, does not look like it: "Of course, the soft at the start gives you a better grip, but we have to think in the long term," says Dutchman. "After the start they had (McLaren; Note d. Red.) Not much pace compared to us."

At Red Bull, you have a rather Hamilton in view anyway, even if McLaren could pass by the start. Although team boss Horner emphasizes that stages will bother to victory, if it is possible, "but in the end you have to go to the goal. We have seen the consequences in Silverstone. We do not want to repeat it."

"Of course, the goal is to convert the pole position into a victory, but there will be some challenges."

Hamilton provoked with rainbow helmet .
The world champion sets a clear sign in the premiere of Formula 1 in Qatar and thus refers to the dramatic position of homosexuals in the emirate. © Provated by sport1.de Hamilton provoked with rainbow helmet with a rainbow helmet has made world champion Lewis Hamilton at the premiere of Formula 1 in Qatar on the dramatic location of homosexuals in the Emirate at the Persian Gulf.

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