Reviews Regardless of actual use: Plug-in hybrids should continue to be recommended for taxably

18:55  15 september  2021
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Mazda announces 10 hybrids and three EVs built on the same platform

  Mazda announces 10 hybrids and three EVs built on the same platform Mazda announces 10 hybrids and three EVs built on the same platform originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 17 Jun 2021 10:40:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

even if they are rarely driven electrically, for plug-in hybrid company cars are tax advantages. The Union wants to ensure that this remains.

Ein Auto mit Plug-in-Hybrid-Antrieb lädt in Berlin-Mitte an einer Ladesäule. Ob die Funktion auch genutzt wird, ist damit nicht gesagt. © Christoph Seder / DPA A car with plug-in hybrid drive invites you to a charging column in Berlin-Center. Whether the function is also used, is not said.

Each fleet of a larger company can tell the stories from the charging cables, which are still welded in the trunk of the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) after three years. In Cologne, the owner of a Mercedes offered his cable even on Ebay.

He clearly admitted that he only deals with the favorable company car taxation. For years, expert has demanded: inside, both the purchase premium and the taxation of PHEV company car to make that the driver or the driver actually has at least 5 0 percent of the kilometers electrically covered .

German manufacturers dominate home market at electric car

 German manufacturers dominate home market at electric car The German car brands dominate on their home market even in electric vehicles. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA A parking lot with a charging column for electric cars in the Hannover region. In the new registrations of pure streams and plug-in hybrids in the first half of the year, they occupy the places one up to four, as an evaluation of current numbers of the Federal Corporation Office shows. Only in rank five follows with Renault a French make.

The Federal Ministry of Economics wants to know nothing. The house of the self-proclaimed Climate Property Peter Altmaier (CDU) has given a new funding directive in the statort mission, in which the already very tab of CO2 criterion is deleted for PHEV and only the purely electrical minimum distance of these cars is rising from 60 to 80 kilometers - and only On January 1, 2024.

in government circuits can be heard that traffic minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) - unlike the past - could even have a coupling to the real e-share could not be introduced, but Altmaier. So Scheuer's house remains only the appeal to the PHEV drivers: inside, their cars " to use as often as possible in electro mode ".

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EU emission targets are meant to mean 55 percent E-cars in 2030

 EU emission targets are meant to mean 55 percent E-cars in 2030 This would have to embrace the electro-car share in sales On Wednesday, the European Commission has announced its proposals for the reduction of CO2 emissions . Thereafter, fleet emissions should decrease by 55 percent by 2030 compared to today's level before being reduced to zero 2035. What the goal for 2030 would mean for the product policy of the automakers, explain now by Automotive News Europe cited analysts.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs denies each dissent with the Transport department. In order to be able to change the promotion, "resilient empirical data on the actual driving behavior of plug-in hybrid vehicles in Germany" are necessary. These data are currently not available. According to the recommendations of the "PHEV-Taskforce" the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Transportation of the National Platform of Mobility (NPM) will carry out a monitoring, which provides for a recording and evaluation of these usage data. At the beginning of 2022 is expected with the first results.

for Daniel Rieger, Head of Transport Policy at the Environmental Association NABU, is advanced. Already in the NPM in which he himself employs, the representatives of the auto industry would have just tried to shape time. The real data also from PHEV would be recorded since 2021. There is no knowledge problem. Also Carl-Friedrich Elmer, Project Manager Traffic Economics at the Think Tank Agora Running Transport, says: "The technical means are available to read the electrical driving performance." The minimum distance of a Phev say nothing about real use.

Mercedes finished PHEV development - an end to plug-in hybrids by Daimler .
Mercedes will develop no more new in hybrids plug. The end of this drive configuration was recently revealed at the IAA in Munich. © Mercedes / Patrick Long It is not so long ago, the plug-in hybrid was loudly praised from many corners of the automotive industry as an important bridging technology on the way to more electric cars. At Mercedes the other side seems to have been achieved because of the bridge facing a demolition. Okay, that may sound one, as it is not very dramatic at the end.

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