Reviews Federal Cross of Merit for Afghanistan Use: "Your country bounds against you"

01:05  19 september  2021
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Afghanistan: France repatries by special flight from Kabul its nationals

 Afghanistan: France repatries by special flight from Kabul its nationals © Sajjad Hussain, AFP Faced with the degradation of the security situation in Afghanistan, France repatriates its nationals and employees of his embassy in Kabul. While the fights rage in Afghanistan, a hundred people boarded Saturday in Kabul aboard a flight specially chartered by the French government to Paris. Among them, French citizens but also Afghans who have worked for France.

He stands for the best of the Bundeswehr: Jens Arlt, commander of the Evacuation mission in Afghanistan, received the Federal Cross of Merit by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier und Brigadegeneral Jens Arlt bei der Verleihung des Bundesverdienstkreuzes in Schloss Bellevue. © Michael Son / AP Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Brigadegeneral Jens Arlt at the award of the Federal Cross of Merit in Bellevue Castle. "Your country bounces in front of you"

as the middle of July, as you thought back then, back to the Hindukusch's 20-year use, it was a silent homecoming. At their landing there were no Federal President and no Minister of Defense. Two months later, much is different - in the population, in politics, the soldiers. Because in between is that evacuation use, as has not yet given him in the history of the Bundeswehr and in the history of the Federal Republic.

AFGHANISTAN: Faced with the safe degradation of the country, France repatriates its nationals

 AFGHANISTAN: Faced with the safe degradation of the country, France repatriates its nationals © AFP - Sajjad Hussain Thirty French nationals took the special flight chartered by France and fifty Afghans affiliated with the embassy. The aircraft chartered by France for French nationals and employees of the French Embassy in Kabul left the Afghan capital at 8am, local time this Saturday. A free flight to repatriate people who wanted to follow the councils of the Embassy who asked French nationals to leave Afghanistan due to safe degradation.

An operation in which the German soldiers brought more than 5300 people to security. At a time, in the pictures of despair went around the world. Brigadegeneral Jens Arlt was the commander of this rescue mission. On this Friday he received the Federal Merit Cross for the appreciation of his mission. In the Bellevue Castle presented him Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in the presence of Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the award.

"Mr General, they stand for the best of the Bundeswehr," said Steinmeier in his speech and added a little later: "Thank you - your country blends themselves in front of them." The 52-year-old general, which had to coordinate and answer for the rescue mission under considerable own risk, is not the only one who will be given a tribute. All soldiers of the evacuation operations are awarded the application medal of the Bundeswehr.

Afghanistan: French nationals called to leave country

 Afghanistan: French nationals called to leave country © provided by point Afghanistan, Taliban, Afghan forces "E n Reason for the evolution of the security situation in the country and taking into account the short-term prospects The French nationals are called to leave the Afghanistan, announced, Tuesday, July 13, the French embassy in Kabul in a statement.

To Afghanistan, there are difficult, bitter questions, Steinmeier

Steinmeier did not say back to ask those questions that stay open after surgery. Even this one does not, whether all sorry and all the troubles, all wounds to body and soul and all the lost human life of the past twenty years should have been free. "There are difficult, there are also bitter questions," he said. "It's not easy for me to pronounce them, and I have no simple, fast answers."

also on the German population and their dealings with the Bundeswehr, the Federal President turned his eyes on this day. About battles, death and war, society rarely talked about and if, then mostly critical. "In this speechlessness, the danger of a mutual understanding of a soldier and society is," he said. "But maybe the German society, who has successfully followed the events in Afghanistan in recent months as rarely earlier, since this evacuation mission with a more awkern eyes on the Bundeswehr."

Arlt himself stressed that it had been an honor to lead this association. The award fulfills him with pride, but it had been a team performance. He took the Order on "Representing all that I was allowed to lead". Previously, Steinmeier had met with some other soldiers involved in the mission. And he raised in his speech what one of the people had said that had been with the Brigadegeneral in Kabul: "We would have gone to hell with him and would have gone out the devil - and we would have done that!"

Afghanistan. The United States is asking their nationals to leave the airport on the airport .
© Reuters the Kabul Embassy recommended that its nationals leave the airport as soon as possible. The United States Embassy in Kabul has asked Friday to American nationals to leave "immediately" the surroundings of the airport. A new alert was issued, the same as the one received the day before the Attack on Thursday.

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