Reviews 245.000 Euro for CR7: Hype about the NFT football cards from Sorare

11:10  21 september  2021
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Audiences: The Euro 2020 beaten by the Telefilm of France 3

 Audiences: The Euro 2020 beaten by the Telefilm of France 3 © Frank Augstein / AFP The match Czech Republic - England as part of the Euro 2020 on June 22, 2021. Tuesday evening, France 3 Imposed in the ranking of the hearings thanks to a rebroadcast of Telefilm until the death us unites carried by Bruno Debrandt. About 4.2 million viewers were gathered, or 19.5% of the public. The chain is in front of M6 and the match of the Euro 2020 Czech Republic-England , commented by Xavier Domergue and Robert Pirès, which interested 3.7 million people, or 17.4% of

earlier it was Panini stickers, today there are digital player cards. Already in America and Asia, the hype is sparked around the so-called non-fungible token cards. And that is exactly this one of the largest leagues in the world.

Mit La Liga habe man eine der © Sorare With La Leaga you have called one of the "best leagues in the world".

Partnership with La Liga

It was the ultimate goal for every world or European championship: a full sticker album. The small adhesives were the objects of desire in the schoolyard. Meanwhile, the digital player cards are.

on the Sorare platform can trade fans such cards, put together a team with them and send them to the start in a fantasy football league. These are soon oblak, Benzema and Co., because La Liga enters a partnership with the young company, which also extends over the second Spanish league.

3 Known brands fall through: After-Sun products in eco-test

 3 Known brands fall through: After-Sun products in eco-test © Fitforfun Eco-Test has studied a total of 28 after-Sun products in the 7/2021 issue. Due to critical ingredients, three products with the Note 6. Which ones are and to which alternatives they should instead know here. After a day in the sun, it is particularly important to supply the skin with moisture. A frequent misconception in the use of after Sun creams is that they can relieve sunburn or repair skin damage caused by the sun. They only serve the moisture donation and refresh your skin.

also increases the DFL soon?

"This partnership enables us to achieve new target groups worldwide, and offers the existing fans additional opportunities to deal with the players and the clubs they love," Javier Tebas commented, President of La Leaga, the deal.

With the digital collecting cards, the associations open up markets in the US and Asia, on the other hand, new revenue through licensing fees. How high these are, both parties agreed to silence.

Another sum but the start-up announced. Already this year cards were sold in the total value of $ 130 million. A hype, which is already fully in progress in the above markets, should also be grasped in Europe.

Here were some clubs on board before the deal with La Leaga. Among them top clubs such as the FC Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain or FC Bayern Munich and Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Even a partnership with the DFL is on the agenda:

euro: France and Switzerland in extension (3-3)

 euro: France and Switzerland in extension (3-3) © Marko Djurica The Swiss striker Mario Gavranovic equalizes (3-3) Facing France, at the 8th final at Euro 2020, the June 28, 2021 in Bucharest France, which led to the score of two goals at a quarter of an hour from the end (3-1), saw Switzerland return in the last ten minutes of their eighth finals of the euro (3-3) and both teams will play an extension Monday to Bucharest.

"Our goal is to work together with the DFL in the future. We believe that our potential partnership will help to increase the awareness of Sorare in Germany, and on the other hand over the commitment of our users opposite To increase the DFL, "nicolas Julia, CEO announced Sorare opposite Kicker Esport.

Gamification of the Panini Sticker

But how can the game interested in present? Basically, the comparison with the panini stickers is not far fetched. Because exactly these were preceded by the game idea. As a child, Julia had collected "tons of it," later played the French fantasy football manager game Mon Petit Gazon. Both together he wanted for "Mix Adults".

More specifically, the user can buy trading cards, trade with them and swap. Overall, there are 1000 limited, 100 rare, ten super rare and a unique map for each footballer. Unlike the well-known managers players, players only need four cards: a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker.

The unemployment rate at 7.9% in the euro area

 The unemployment rate at 7.9% in the euro area The unemployment rate of the euro zone dropped slightly in May, thanks to the relaxation of health restrictions in many countries. It was 7.9%, down from the rate of 8.1% recorded in April 2021, according to Eurostat's latest figures, but up comparative at the rate of 7.5% of May 2020. The Statistical Office of the European Union estimates that in May 2021, 15.278 million men and women were unemployed in the EU, including 12.792 million in the euro area.

Then the team starts in two game modes against other teams. For the output, however, the performance of the players in real life is crucial. According to this, the cards receive points that are summed up to those of the other team.

cards as a value system

The hook? NFT, or otherwise non-funny token. Here comes the addressed part for adults into the game. Because in addition to the possibility to play for free, the cards can be purchased in the market for money. Some also for a lot of money. The unique map of Cristiano Ronaldo is the most expensive with currently 245,000 euros.

After purchasing, the cards receive a digital signature and are thus "limited and counterfeiting" or in other words a no longer replaceable value mark. That is, the market value of the purchased card can develop differently compared to a card identical by the player and type.

This, of course, offers space that there will be in addition to those who are interested in the game in addition to those who only have the investment.

Euro zone: energy propels inflation at the highest since 2008 in September .
© Steve Buissinne The prices of gas, electricity and oil have increased throughout Europe. Prize - According to many experts, the current inflationary thrust is essentially linked to the outbreak of oil and gas prices and component shortages in the industry due to the outbreak of energy prices, The rate of inflation in zone EURO jumped in September to 3.4% over one year, at the highest for 13 years, announced Eurostat, this Friday.

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