Reviews Nakagami states: Ride-Height system from Honda "not good enough"

14:50  21 september  2021
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Turf Statistics for Samens Halftime: This MotoGP pilot rushed most frequently

 Turf Statistics for Samens Halftime: This MotoGP pilot rushed most frequently © Motorsport Images Pol Espargaro went the most common in the first half of the season to the ground It is a statistic that exceptionally no MotoGP driver likes to lead, namely the most falls in a season. After the first nine races this year, it's time to draw a first interim balance. And there Honda pilot has Pol Espargaro with 13 plumps in the inglorious top spot. In the count, all accidents pass that happened during the training, qualifying, warm-ups and races.

Marc Marquez kept after the Misano race, that Honda must work on the curve outlet and the acceleration . Because in this area you have disadvantages over the competition. To compensate for that, the Honda drivers must risk a lot in the brake phase, which can lead to falling.

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Takaaki Nakagami beats in the same notch and opens that Honda has to work on the Ride-Height device: "We lose a lot on the corner output. All use the system, but it also Looks out that our system is not good enough. "

"If the competition uses the system on the curve output, then its tail is compressed more than the Honda. If I'm behind it, then I lose two tenths to the next curve. You can then overtake me in the brake phase."

Special Series for the British Market - Honda CB 1000 R of 5Four

 Special Series for the British Market - Honda CB 1000 R of 5Four Together with the Custombikeschmiede 5Four of Guy Willison, Honda Britain brings a limited special series of Naked Bikes CB 1000 R to the start. © Honda UK The cooperation of 5four and Honda is thus in a new round. As early as 2019, the CB 1100 RS 5Four was created in cooperation. For the new project, the choice fell on the CB 1000 R with Quickshifter as the basis. Again, the conversions and the color to the classic Honda racing machines should remember.

"That's why it's very difficult to make a strategy in the race. I can not overtake because I lose the time at the curve outcome. Our system is not the best. We definitely improve that. We seem to be a step back "

The system ensures a better traction on the corner output. Another advantage is that more engine power can be transferred to the rear wheel. "You have less wheelies and can therefore use more power," Nakagami has noticed.

"If we release more power, I have too strong wheelies. That's why this is not an option. At the moment we have no idea how we can improve ourselves. That's the problem. Hopefully I can test something on Tuesday and Wednesday. I know it but not."

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Formula 1: Red Bull and Honda decide on further cooperation .
Cologne (SID) - the automotive company Honda and the formula 1 teams of beverage manufacturer Red Bull continue their partnership after the exit of the Japanese as engine supplier at the end of the season on another level. The agreement envisages "that the Red Bull Group and Honda will work together with a variety of motorsport activities," this is apparent from a joint statement.

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