Reviews under the belt line: Why in the election campaign The fairness on the track remained

20:15  27 september  2021
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"GERMANY Together": CDU wants with new design and content in the election campaign points

 The CDU presents your campaign for the general election. Common election posters of Armin Lashet with Hans-Georg Maaßen will not exist. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld / DPA CDU Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak introduces the election posters of the party on which members are to be seen instead of models. In the past decade, the Job of the CDU Secretary-General must have been a fairly routine thing in Bundestag election fighting.

The election campaign ended has taken more than ever in social media - not only through the parties, but also through her followers. We probably have to deal with this often unfair form of political communication.

Bei der diesjährigen Bundestagswahl gibt es ein paar Gewinner und viele Verlierer. Schon im Vorfeld verloren hat der politische Diskurs im Internet. © Jan From next door / Shutterstock At this year's election, there are a few winners and many losers. Lost already in advance has the political discourse on the Internet.

At this year's election, there are a few winners and many losers. Lost already in advance has the political discourse on the Internet. At no election in Germany in the last more than 20 years, the mechanisms and side effects of social media were so negatively declined as in this choice - and by the way, cross-party. Hardly any day on which not from any speech, a campaign appearance or a staging of candidates, a detailed detail of the political opponent was emerged. Clearly slaughtered, packed in Memes and staged the supporters of the political camp pointing point to point against each other, without in most cases to argue content and material political.

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Chancellor's candidate: indoor trill: and where was the digitization?

Bundestag election 2021: Parties in the T3n DigitalCheck

Twitter announces: More security, more monetization

Of course, the candidates and candidates also offered plenty of attack surface in an election campaign in which every one mobile terminal is always ready to leave . Because a politician deflected in the wrong moment, a non-mask wearing (or even mask wearing) candidate, an indication or blackout, an overcilting voice, which is designed as uncertainty - all this would have been "shipped" and would be in recent years Without the already available rewinding function of the TV streams have been difficult to find.

Hundreds of thousands of electoral fighters and lots of excitement

learned that not only the parties and their PR teams themselves, but also the hundreds of thousands of campaign helpers at Twitter and Co, which partly understood the excitement machinery within minutes - always in search of the next Output source. It is the power of the (moving) pictures and the word reduced to 280 characters, which makes the whole thing as dangerous and falsified. A like here, a Share there - that creates range and makes opinion.

Booze and belts: New tech could handle a spike in highway deaths

  Booze and belts: New tech could handle a spike in highway deaths New cars may soon require you be sober, buckled up or both before you can drive. What took so long? Or what nanny state am I living in?If we could build cars that elegantly prevent operation by a drunk driver, why wouldn't we? That's an era we may soon enter thanks to a lesser-known provision of the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework bill.

All too often showed that an exemption wave over Laschet and Baerbock, more rarely about Scholz, which offered little attack surface, in closer inspection then less clearly against the person concerned, as assumed. A cleverly chosen image, on which an umbrella was not visible, an interview context, which then seemed the candidate then slightly differently than the single, out of the context, quote, a statistic, which then did not stand the closer analysis - all that It was quickly found, if it was in his own worldscape, continued to spread with just a few clicks, and lasted in so many cases the fact check was only with a lot of evil sake.

politicians need to get used to this aggressive election campaign

at least: Only in a few cases, all that grew beyond the communities in the classic media. Covering Weathered Since the one, partiality of public-law media criticized the others - interestingly at both camps alike. Incidentally, even individual media, picture image TV, which managed to process it again and again to stage symbol policy in the interest of one's own range, to make a great history from a detail such as a bill paid without tipping and at best to link the drinking gel theme with the minimum wage debate .

Whether we have to get used to having hundreds of thousands of electoral fighters in and outside the parties will have to show. In any case, the election campaign has revealed many reinforcements on all sides, which do not hurt the political discourse, but rather to make trenches deeper. And professional politicians, but also communal politicians must probably get used to themselves in the future that they are exposed to various ornabs and infants of more or less anonymous social media heroes. That Robert Habeck has passed himself several years ago by Twitter, because he did not see the opportunity to discuss issues in a suitable manner, there is probably a sign for his vision.

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