Reviews confusion in the drivers: "very clear" violations not punished

18:40  12 october  2021
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Alfa Romeo: Replacement without Raikkonen and Giovinazzi Thinking

 Alfa Romeo: Replacement without Raikkonen and Giovinazzi Thinking © Motorsport Images Do Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi have a future at Alfa Romeo? The name of the team for the Formula 1 season 2022 is fixed, now Alfa Romeo's question arises for the names of the drivers. And everything seems possible here. Team boss Frederic Vasseur is openly cocesses to score both Kimi Räikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi. When asked if at least one current driver would remain, Vasseur says, "That could be a point, but it is not necessary." For both drivers, the contract

Michael Masi (rechts) muss sich wohl bald den Fragen der Fahrer stellen © motorsport images michael masi (right) must soon ask the questions of the drivers

to their displeasure about the decisions of the race line make the formula 1 driver often Air. Above all, the suspected inconsistent approaches of officials is repeatedly in criticism, so also after the Grand Prix of Turkey. They concern two incidents in which the drivers get away without punishment.

The speech is on the one hand from Fernando Alonso (Alpine), which was suspected in Istanbul, on its first qualifying round twice-pivoted yellow flags. He was acquitted after closer examination by the Stewards.

On the other hand, it's about an incident in Sochi, where Lando Norris (McLaren) touched the white line when the pit lane is retracted. The Brite received a warning at that time.

United Kingdom: disturbing Shortage of road drivers

 United Kingdom: disturbing Shortage of road drivers © Reuters - John Sibley Trucking truck in the Trans-Manche port in Dover, in the south-east of England, January 15, 2021 (image of illustration). The United Kingdom is concerned about a shortage of road drivers. First, a consequence of the Pandemic of Covid-19, which pushed some foreign drivers to return to their country. But also Brexit, which complicates the arrival of non-British workers in the course. As a result, some food products are missed in fast food chains.

Gasly wonders: What is now allowed and what not?

"For the last two events, I do not really understand the regulations, because for me there is either black or white, and these two situations were very clear for me," says Alphatauri-Pilot Pierre Gasly the incidents. That there was no penalty for "all surprising in the team".

Therefore, Gasly seeking conversation requirement: "I think it must be discussed what we are allowed to do. Because there is an incident affecting the white line and has nothing to do with security, and another incident with double yellow flag, the to do with security. We will certainly discuss that with Michael. "

also Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) presented the decision to punish Alonso, in question. He was also affected by the double yellow phase in qualifying, but took a lot more pace out than Alonso. In fact, he was slower 15 seconds.

United Kingdom: Not enough influenza vaccines because of the lack of drivers

 United Kingdom: Not enough influenza vaccines because of the lack of drivers © AP - Frank Augstein On January 1, 2021, a truck passes the customs of the Eurotunnel, connecting the United Kingdom to the continent After his departure from the EU (image of illustration). In the United Kingdom, hundreds of influenza vaccination meetings must be repulsed, due to a delay in vaccine. The vials can not be routed in time and time because of the shortage of road drivers currently affecting the country. A consequence of Brexit and the pandemic.

Stroll is of the opinion: Alonso would have been punishment

"I think the rules must be uniform, especially with a double yellow phase," finds stroll. "You can not go further. You can not set lap time. It is clear to me that you have to cancel the round, and that was not the case."

"So I think that different decisions are made, which is strange," says Stroll, who does not change at his own approach.

"I'll continue to do what I always do. If it is a double yellow flag, I break the round when it's a simple yellow flag, I go from the gas and gives gas again when the route is released. " As Gasly, he also expects the topic to come to the language against Masi.

According to Masi, it could have been different

the race director meanwhile admits that the judgment in the case of Alonso could have been different. Namely, "if it had rained directly afterwards and it would have been a meaningful lap time," explains Masi. "But the facts are that there was no significant lap time under the circumstances."

MotoGP Aragon FT3: Quartararo leads tight field - Marquez again crashes

 MotoGP Aragon FT3: Quartararo leads tight field - Marquez again crashes © Motorsport Images Fabio Quartararo has recaptured P1, albeit conceivably just World Cup Leader Fabio Quartararo sat in a very close third free training of the MotoGP in Aragon against The competition through. With a best time of 1: 46.926 minutes, the Yamaha pilot topped the session in front of Aleix Espargaro (Aprilia) and Joan me (Suzuki), with the three only 56 thousandths separated . At the beginning of the training, most drivers focused on working with used tires.

Nevertheless, the rules for yellow flags could in future be harder: "We will discuss a discussion about it and perhaps find an adapted formulation for the future to eliminate any incentive in this scenario."

"But it is one of these unique situations that could argue that anyone who has occurred in his first round, which took place under double yellow, a lap time was a meaningful lap time. Because at this time was the only round he had set - as with Fernando. "

addressed to the decision to only resolve Norris for the failed boxing in Sochi, Masi explains: "Stewards have made the decision at this time on the basis of the information available."

for the McLaren pilot had mitigating circumstances, because he had struggled on wet route with slicks and slipped over the white line, although he was clearly under the usual speed at the time of the offense.

in the United Kingdom Living German should drive trucks .
London. Great Britain is currently suffering from an acute truck driver deficiency. Many gas stations already goes off the fuel. Now the Army and Germans should help with an old driver's license. © Jacob King A tanker leaves a shell oil depot in British Kingsbury. Germans living in the United Kingdom with an older driver's license have given a report according to the acute truck driver deficiency a report by the British government.

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