Reviews The Flash Season 8: First Images of the New Grand Naughty, 2 Naughty Back Cults

15:25  13 october  2021
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The release date is known, it is November 16, 2021 that the CW will start the broadcast of The Flash Season 8 in the USA. A highly anticipated return of fans since the creators will start this new year with an event in 5 episodes soberly entitled "Armageddon". And as the showrunner confided, Barry will face the worst of the series (Despero) and find two bad cults and worshiped fans. Attention spoilers.

The season 8 of The Flash will begin with an very special event in 5 episodes entitled "Armageddon" which will allow many cult heroes of the arrowverse to make an appearance alongside Barry, Iris, Caitlin & Cie. But that's not all, Central City will also host a new naughty embodied by Tony Curran (Doctor Who) to know ... Despero .

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Barry facing the worst nasty of the series?

Grand Vilain emblematic DC COMICS, this version of the character should be particularly intense to follow on the screen. While the first face-to-face between Flash and Despero has already been photographed (see below), Eric Wallace (Showonneur) entrusted EW that this meeting could mark the fans of the series.

"It is in this scene that we really discover the Alien origin of Despero and that's what makes this sequence so fascinating, he explained to the magazine. Despero is a very big speech. C is a really intense moment that marks his relationship with Flash. And you will see in the episodes how it is able to test / play with Flash in different ways. And this meeting will already be one of those moments, it is Which will make her a hinge sequence in the season ".

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A misleading version of Despero

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, Eric Wallace said, the fans of The Flash will be to the angels by discovering the First chaotic steps of this ugly terribly destabilizing. After having entrusted, "I really wanted to incorporate a real dc worship into this event in 5 episodes that had the potential to excite the fans", the showonneur revealed that this Despero will surprise everyone, "there is a Very particular element in this story that involves Despero's power and explains why it's the perfect choice for this plot! "

Translation? Where the first photos of Despero version Tony Curran can let fear a naughty away from being so badass, epic and scary that in the comics, the reality could finally be very different, "pay attention to what you see. Your eyes can sometimes deceive you ". Yes, we can blow, this despero made in arrowverse should therefore be as destructive and impressive as in DC. And necessarily, we can only rejoice.

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for info, that's what is supposed to look like Despero at DC ... Despero dans le film d'animation Batman: The Brave and the Bold © DC Despero in the Batman animation movie: The Brave and the Bold Barry will suffer as never face 3 naughty

but it's not Not all, Eric Wallace also confirmed two very important returns alongside Despero: Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash and Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk . And unsurprisingly, these new appearances will not be without consequences for Barry, "what happens when you face a bad thing? Well, bad things happen. But what happens when you have more of a naughty at the same time? These are very numerous things that take place. And that's what will plunge Flash in a horrible day. Let's just say that he is about to live the worst day of his life since 8 years".

And when we remember all that he has already endured in recent years (he disappeared in the Speed ​​Force, Iris was kidnapped, he lost his father ...), it's necessarily promising!

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