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17:25  22 october  2021
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Aston Martin: Vettel confirmation for 2022 already soon?

 Aston Martin: Vettel confirmation for 2022 already soon? © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel: His confirmation for 2022 seems formality Sebastian Vettel could be confirmed by its Aston-Martin team shortly for the Formula 1 season 2022. The German had signed a long-term contract with the racing team, but nothing officially becomes known. It is said that at the end of each year, you can agree on further cooperation. That could be the case in a timely man: "We will announce this in due course," says team boss Otmar Szafnauer.

Sebastian Vettel und Otmar Szafnauer blicken optimistisch in Aston Martins Zukunft © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel and Otmar Szafnauer Optimistic in Aston Martins Future

from official communication by Aston Martin does not show exactly how long the contract with Sebastian Vettel is running. In 2022, the four-time world champion will definitely go for the team, but win the race, at least the secret timetable of owners Lawrence Stroll and team boss Otmar Szafnauer, Aston Martin may only be 2023.

success comes "not overnight", explains Szafnauer The Grand Prix of the United States in Austin (Advertisement: On Friday evening, it's going on with the free workout. If you have a long time you want to see it live, get a sky ticket for uncomplicated live streaming without receiver!). The first priority is to expand the infrastructure at the Silverstone site - a process that has already begun. "Our factory will be done in about one and a half years," says the American. The dedicated time horizon consists of over two years.

Aston Martin pulls protest against Sebastian Vettel's Disqualification Back

 Aston Martin pulls protest against Sebastian Vettel's Disqualification Back © Motorsport Images Aston Martin pulls protest against Vettel-DQ back The Formula 1 racing team Aston Martin has withdrawn his appeal against the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel at Hungary Grand Prix . This was announced by the racing team on Thursday. Thus, the scoring exclusion against the Heppenheimer is final.

"In the new factory, we have production possibilities, better research and development opportunities. And until we move, we must hire talented staff, employees who fit us to use the things then, if we have set up all this, Let's start harvesting the fruits. Then we will also win races. "

"I guess that will not be next year yet," says SzaFnauer, but says in terms of 2023: "Well possible, that it works in the year afterwards. We pursue a five-year plan. About half, after two and a half years, should We win the first races. And then quickly learn from winning a row and fighting for title. "

Vettel: After his future, we asked

What's the question from the point of view of the Vettel fans: Will he be 2023 still at Aston Martin? "The honest answer is: I do not know," says the 34-year-old. "This is not our focus at right now. The focus is to bring so many points as possible this year as possible and take momentum into the next year. Then we continue to see how it develops with the new cars."

magazine revealed: Sebastian Vettel deliberately sprit in Hungary!

 magazine revealed: Sebastian Vettel deliberately sprit in Hungary! © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel burned in Hungary deliberately fuel The FIA ​​knew no pardon: Because Aston Martin could not show the prescribed liter of fuel, Sebastian Vettel was taken from the rating after the Hungarian race . Even a proven defect could no longer change the commissioners: it counts the fact that no liter was more in the tank. Only now became known that Aston Martin Vettel had instructed during the race to burn a lot of gasoline. This reports 'Auto Motor and Sport'.

"How long it will take? Hard to say," says Vettel. "If we look at other teams, then a five-year plan is not a false approach. Of course we want to succeed earlier. And next year everything will be set to zero." Since he places "a good, real chance to make a big step forward".

¿PBTAG | BEYONDTHEGRIDLAWRECESTROLL | PB¿IN In the meantime, his team will handle everything to hire new staff to use the new factory, if they are done. Stroll in the podcast 'Beyond the Grid' in the highest tones of the conversion plans and is optimistic that Aston Martin can become a top team after their degree.

Szafnauer explains: "We currently have about 575 employees, and we continue to grow. Three years ago we started at 400. Mercedes stands at 800 to 900, which is almost twice as many. Plus the infrastructure that built over the years to have." While the budget ceiling helps, but "we are, which affects infrastructure and staff, not yet at your level".

"Yes, think": Vettel confirms contract with Aston Martin for 2022

 © Motorsport Images All Clear for the Formula 1 season 2022: Sebastian Vettel remains at Aston Martin Sebastian Vettel is likely to be 2022 for Aston Martin Formula 1 drive. Although the official statement of the team is still out, which is why the four-time world champion will always be vague if it is specifically addressed to the topic of the future. But in an interview with 'SKY' he confirmed on Thursday in Zandvoort that contractually everything is already clear for 2022.

budget border should move together

"The cars we drive now spring from a time in which any money could be spent. Next year there are completely new technical rules, and the cars had to be developed under budget cover. It was also developed Simulation times reduced. Since the field should move closer together. I believe that the field 2022 will be narrower together, "says Szafnauer.

Nevertheless, he assumes that well-funded teams like Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari will start with a lead in the new era of Formula 1. Because: "They have spent a pile of money in the past and thus expanded their infrastructure. These are investments that are not simply packed."

"If you have invested 50 million more capital every year, you can buy useful things, and you will be better from year to year. Better simulation tools, better test stands, better wind tunes. [...] We try to shorten a shortcut take. We work on it. Short-term will be difficult. In the medium term, we should be able to challenge these guys. "

Whether that works fast enough so that Aston Martin and Vettel can still win race together, that's in the stars. And Vettel also leaves if he is looking for Aston Martin again a new team or will finish the career: "I do not know," he answers from 'Motorsport-Total.com' to the topic. "That's the truth."

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