Reviews Oatmilk at Eco Test: Which drinks are renal?

13:35  28 october  2021
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Frankfurt am Main. Whether in coffee, muesli or dough - in many areas, the oatmilk already replaces the classic cow's milk. But what is in the milk that is none? Of many oatmilk will still be smiled. Some think they can even be harmful to humans through pesticides.

Alternative zu Milch: Hafermilch erfreut sich bei vielen großer Beliebtheit. Zumal sie laktosefrei und gut fürs Klima ist. Doch wie haben die einzelnen Produkte abgeschnitten? Unser Symbolbild wurde 2020 aufgenommen. © Picture Alliance / DPA Alternative to Milk: Oatmilk enjoys many great popularity. Especially since it is lactose free and good for the climate. But how did the individual products cut off? Our symbol image was recorded in 2020.

But in fact, oatmilk is better than their reputation in skeptics: the magazine "eco-test" (issue 11/2021) found almost only good.

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Oatmilk: "eco-test" rated taste and climate report

" eco-test " reports at the end of October 2021 on the advantages of oatmilk: "Good 70 percent less harmful air conditioning - so much saves the production of oatmilk compared to cow's milk . Good for the environmental balance is also that oats are regionally available. He grows in the temperate widths, and its cultivation consumes so relatively little water. And of course, for oatmilk certainly no cows. "

of 32" Oats "- or" oat drink "brands have passed all the products to the taste test and sensational 27 also the test in terms of ingredients. The result is convincing and rarely for "eco-test" connoisseurs: For the segment of oatmilk, there was ultimately 27 times the verdict "very good". The price was between 95 cents and 2.65 euros per liter. These are examples of oat drinks that are very good sections :

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oatrink of voelkel naturland bio oatrink nature (DM drugstore) bio primo oatrink nature (Müller drugstore)

What consumers is certainly soothing: in no drinks were the heavy metal cadmium still The pesticide glyphosate commonly used in cereal production found.

Oatmilk at eco-test: additives and harmful to kidneys

but still not every oatmilk is really perfect: the testers criticize unnecessary vitamin additives, declaration defects or controversial phosphate-containing additives in five cases, which can damage the kidneys when taking large quantities. There were in the end deductions and accordingly three times the note "good" and twice "satisfying". The levers with "eco-test" are these two oat drinks, which contained a lot of phosphate and added vitamins :

oatly! Alpro Oat Original

In the added vitamins, most products were vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Vitamin D. This is completely unnecessary in an oat drink. Vitamin B2 also gets plenty of vegans if they eat whole grain products or broccoli. And vitamin D wins the body by daylight.

By the way, you can also conjure up with oatmilk beautiful milk foam. "Eco-Test" had also looked closer to special Barista variants of oat drinks: "The foam was not as dense and creamy as that of cow's milk, but even after six minutes were two thirds and more from the layer. The two non-barista-promoted foam "also states in the report. The secret is a certain proportion of oil that is added to the oatmilk. Apparently, oatmilk is also a usable alternative for lovers of coffee specialties. (Dok with dpa)

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