Reviews 25 hp less! Ferrari rages over BoP change in WEC title fight

22:20  28 october  2021
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BOP 24H Le Mans Gte Pro: More power than 2020

 BOP 24H Le Mans Gte Pro: More power than 2020 © Motorsport Images Ferrari and Porsche will fight this year with a little more power The Long-distance World Cup (WEC) has the Balance of Performance (BOP) for the 24 hours published by Le Mans 2021. She will first be used at the Test Day this Sunday. Traditionally, the Circuit de la Sarthe has a very own BOP, which is not bound to the automated from other WEC races. A comparison is therefore only possible with the BOP from 2020. And something has done here.

Die AF-Corse-Ferraris müssen eine drastische Leistungsreduktion bei den 6h Bahrain hinnehmen © Motorsport Images The AF Corse Ferraris suffered a drastic power reduction at the 6h Bahrain

Large discussion in the paddock of Bahrain: The Ferrari 488 GTE Evo is before the doubles final of the long-range been World Championship (WEC) braked so that stimulates at AF Corse large displeasure. ( All information on the 6h Bahrain 2021 )

The Ferrari 488 GTE Evo travels since start of the season with a boost pressure of up to 1.81 bar for the 3.9-liter V8 turbo engine. The exception was this the 24 Hours of Le Mans (1.75 bar maximum), where the automated Balance of Performance (BoP) does not apply and own used.

has now been reduced cash boost to 1.73 in the forefront - to 0.08 bar, across the entire power band. According to a statement from Ferrari, the change will cost 25 hp. That would be significantly more permits than the automated BoP. Here are provided a maximum of 10 kilowatts (13.6 horsepower) changes.

Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero

 Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero © Giorgio Piola Presentation of the gearbox in the current Ferrari SF21 in the season 2021 Lots of scope for further development existed not before the Formula 1 season 2021. And Above all, Ferrari hit ferrari: the traditional team had after a weak season 2020 every reason to make great changes on the racing car, but had a focus by regulations. Ferrari therefore decided to build a new gearbox. Ferrari wanted to hit two flies with one stone.

Analyse Topspeed 24h Le Mans 2021 Testtag und Rennen © smg / Stritzke Analysis top speed 24h Le Mans 2021 test day and race

The only explanation: The long haul Committee of the FIA ​​has used the so-called "Black Ball" clause. This provides that once a season unscheduled into automated BoP may be encroached upon. it has been applied so far only once in August 2018 .

Has Ferrari cheated at the 24h Le Mans?

FIA and ACO have given so far not comment on why it was done so - or whether Ferrari exaggerates in his remarks. Information of 'Motorsport-Total.com' that the measure is related to a possible sandbagging by Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans related.

, where Ferrari had driven the test day bar still at 1.79 and only in the race with 1.75 bar. Nevertheless, the top speed in the race at eleven km / h was higher than during the test. Although some of them can be on the lee explain from the one in the race usually has more than during testing. But eleven km / h with less boost pressure were FIA ​​and ACO probably too much of a good thing.

in front of Zandvoort: Ferrari examines trapping of SPA

 in front of Zandvoort: Ferrari examines trapping of SPA © Motorsport Images Ferrari came in the rain of spa in the meager Ferrari has missed a great opportunity in spa. The Scuderia could eight eight on Sunday with the places and take ten only small points. Because Q3 had been missed in rainy qualifying with both cars and was able to benefit from Sergio Perez on Sunday and come forward. But the pace was not there in the rain, and you want to examine that with the red from Maranello.

For comparison: Porsche improved without BoP changes from test day to race only by five km / h. Both Ferraris and Porsches both reached both on the test day and the race to the first decimal place exactly the same Topspeedwerte, so that a single effect is excluded. Porsche drove in Le Mans with two 30.7 millimeter air restrictors, Bahrain 30.8.

Of course, the rule makers have much more detailed insight into the acceleration capability of the individual cars have. If indeed a sandbagging by Ferrari should have been present, the question arises how such a bias could remain throughout the season unnoticed.

Ferrari won the 24-hour race before Corvette. Porsche had no chance in the race but after all, gained the third and fourth one. The Le Mans winner Calado and Pier Guidi arrive with a lead of twelve points in the overall standings at Kevin Estre and Neel Jani.

Pier Guidi: That's not fair

Back to Bahrain. That the change at Ferrari is not well received, understood. "Ferrari sees itself now forced to adopt a defensive strategy after balance-of-performance parameters were announced, the automated BoP override", says the statement of Redden.

"Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Calado will have to use a strategy that is focused on minimizing the power deficit. And on a track with 64.5 percent of full-throttle percentage."

Pier Guidi adds: "I like to win races on the track or losing But this decision seems to me very questionable We are in no position to defend our leadership I do not think that's fair, but.... we do not give up and will do our best to get the title. "

In automated BoP, which applies only to the races outside of Le Mans, there had been a change to the detriment of Porsche ahead of the 6 Hours of Monza. Surprisingly, Porsche succeeded but the away win at the Autodromo Nazionale. So far, the AF Corse Ferrari # 51 (Pier Guidi / Calado) and the Porsche have gained # 92 (Estre / Jani) alternately the races.

Ferrari after quality disappointment undecided: one or two stops? .
© Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz in Ferrari SF21 in Qatar 2021: He starts in the race on Medium Four times in a row Ferrari had placed with both cars in the top 10 of Formula 1- Startup Position . But in the Qualifying to the Qatar Grand Prix 2021 in Losail ( track the race in the free Formula 1 Liabticker! ) Cross this series. "That's a disappointment," says Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies. "And we are still wondering why Charles [Leclerc] has not succeeded in better performance.

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