Reviews No Lamborghini support for T3 team: Follow DTM brand change?

20:25  23 november  2021
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"Lambo" Team T3 wants to expand DTM insert 2022: How to plan the drivers

 © DTM The T3 team wants to further expand the DTM engagement 2022 with regard to the DTM future of Lamborghini are currently the Softening: While the Grasser team shows great interest and with the same three bolides could board, the T3 Motorsport team of Jens's damp will be faithful to the series and expand its commitment. "We did it up to this and definitely continue that," says damp in conversation with 'Motorsport-Total.com'.

2021 immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut: Das Lamborghini-Team T3 © Group C 2021 Always good for a surprise: The Lamborghini T3

still in September the T3 Motorsport team assumed that from Lamborghini 2022 continued to be supported in the DTM, and even hoped for the Use of a third car with a factory driver . But then came the bad news: The Italian manufacturer sets his support full on the Austrian Grasser troupe , which plans with four Huracan GT3 Evo, while T3 is now completely empty.

Jens Feucht © Motorsport Images Jens Meucht

"That was really frightening," Team boss Jens is wet in conversation with 'Motorsport-Total.com'. "We knew Grasser is talking, but we at least hoped that two cars have been supported with them and each of us. And the support is shared instead of going completely to Grasser. So we were really baffe."

for DTM guest start? Stefan Bradl tests T3-Lamborghini in Hockenheim

 for DTM guest start? Stefan Bradl tests T3-Lamborghini in Hockenheim "If that of the diary gives somehow and maybe I get two, three tests before, I am something of the start to move a DTM car." You can not imagine that. " This announced Hondas MotoGP test driver Stefan Bradl at the end of March in the 'Ran Racing Podcast' . Now it seems to be serious! © Motorsport.com Motorsport Photo Because DTM commentator Eddie Mielke did not break a bomb in the latest episode of the podcast : Bradl will actually test a DTM car on the Hockenheimring this Thursday! The Moto2 W

The news hit the young Dresdner troupe, which was changed to Lamborghini this year and had long-term plans with the Italians, like the lightning - also because you have received other signals from the Audi daughter.

T3 team boss wet: "Nobody has expected"

"so no one has expedient because the communication was different," says humid. "Lamborghini was very satisfied with us. As we marketed, but also with the engineers and the management department. With the guest start by Mirko Bortolotti in Assen, this was underlined again," he points to the start of the Lamborghini factory driver on the side From Esteban Muth and Esmee Hawkey in a third car.

"Mirko has proven that we are able to win a car victorious," the team boss saw himself confirmed by the second place of the Italian. "That was not 100 percent clear because we drove with two rookies. Where do we actually stand? That was the background of this guest start."

Götz provides van der Linde bankruptcy: How much AMG team tactics was there?

 Götz provides van der Linde bankruptcy: How much AMG team tactics was there? © DTM Maximilian Götz In front of his Mercedes brand colleague Daniel Juncadella and other pursuers Maximilian Götz is slow and ends with a total of seven Mercedes AMG in front of Audi spear tip Kelvin van der Linde.

But how is it going? An exit is currently not an issue. Instead, as in 2021, in addition to the continued planned use with two Lamborghinis in the ADAC GT Masters, two vehicles in the DTM also want to use. In addition, two bolides are planned in GT4 Germany and DTM-Trophy.

"Other manufacturers are also coming to us"

"We have adapted our staffing level before the season and created many basics to continue the program," he explains. "Therefore, the DTM still has the same priority for us as during the season."

Whether this deployment as 2021 will go with the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo over the stage but is "still open". Damp concretized: "It would of course be our desire as we can know, understand and move the car quickly, but other manufacturers have come to us."

To which brand could T3 change?

Who is it, the 50-year-old does not want to say. The assumption is suggested that, among other things, Aston Martin is. Because the British luxury sports cart brand has stirred this season at a factory use in the Nürburgring Long-distance Championship NLS (formerly VLN) the advertising drum for the GT3 Vantage and was also called by DTM-Boss Gerhard Berger for 2022 as a possible additional brand .

AMG-Team Winward pulls back protest: away free for DTM title decision!

 AMG-Team Winward pulls back protest: away free for DTM title decision! © Itr GmbH A farce in the fight for the first GT3 title in the DTM is averted A DTM title decision on the green table is averted: because the Winward team, which on Saturday against the decision of the racing communities, DTM leader Liam Lawson after the collision with Winward-Mercedes-Pilot Philip Ellis had not to punish, protest had laid back the announced appeal today at 11:15. Whether this would have been passed, was unclear because of a form error anyway.

but also McLaren would be a potential candidate, as it does not look for a DTM start of the single racing team with the 720s GT3 after the GT-World-Challenge Europe Announcement of JP Motorsport. At Mercedes-AMG, Audi and BMW, the possibilities for T3 Motorsport seem limited because the German manufacturers already have their established teams. And Ferrari and Porsche are not considered probable options.

Why was Lamborghini deleted the support?

like Lamborghini The decision against the T3 troop, which received 2021 after all, one of the two cars as a free loan and supplied by the manufacturer also with a part package, argued? "We do not know the exact backgrounds, but it is said that it had to do with existing contractual relationships," says damp. But he could "not understand, because the GT3 DTM is only one year". In fact, the

Grasser team had, however, moved into a valid contract with Lamborghini on the season 2021 addition, this 2022 American US commitment to the ADAC GT Masters and in the IMSA Championship SportsCar. Since the Grasser team but now only starts in the DTM, the contract had to be converted, which apparently came at the expense of T3.

This could have been put together with only one supported by Lamborghini DTM car, according to the package wet 2022 itself: "We could manage it."

Pilot Esmee Hawkey Before DTM Bond 2022: Why T3 Continue with it .
after the shock that Lamborghini will not deliver to T3 Motorsport for 2022 no factory support and instead sets the Grasser team is unclear, with which brand the Dresdner is unclear Troop 2022 will go to the DTM at the start. Nevertheless, team boss Jens wet tells that you want to continue with a brand change with pilot's Esmee Hawkey. © Motorsport.com Motorsport Photo "It was already not enough at the middle of the season that we would like to go on together, because it was clear from the begi

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