Reviews Volker Wissing and the Diesel: Now the SPD also mixes in the green-yellow dispute an

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"way too late": SPD politician OTT sees Cologne Quarantine model project critically

 of the School Political Speakers of the SPD Group in North Rhine-Westphalian Landtag, Jochen Ott, has demanded more security against corona infections at schools and a reorientation in quarantine rules Maiden. "In the whole country, Chaos prevails, as dealt with quarantines," Ott said on Tuesday in Dusseldorf. It must take place as much presence lessons as possible. A sustaination of the student is not an option, but "the endangerment is there, the schools are not sure," says Deputy Chairman.

The future governing parties seem to be hooked in the traffic policy, before the start of the traffic light. The Greens show outraged over the designated FDP minister - and the SPD still heats up the dispute.

  Volker Wissing und der Diesel: Jetzt mischt sich auch die SPD in den grün-gelben Streit ein © Chris Emil Janssen / Imago Images / Chris Emil Janßen

The Future Minister of Transport Volker Wissing ( FDP ) for lower vehicle taxes on diesel cars increasingly burden the future traffic light coalition. After initiating the Greens over Wissing, the SPD is also at a distance - but at the same time, the ecoparti in front of her justification goes.

The coalition agreement merely intended that the car tax be reviewed if the duties rise to diesel fuel, said SPD faction province Achim Post of the "World". »The Coalition Agreement does not see that taxes are increased to diesel fuel." That in turn is likely to bring the Greens to the palm - they are clearly expecting energy tax on diesel, so it is agreed. "The coalition agreement provides for an approximation of diesel to the gases," said the Green Traffic Expert Stefan Yellow Hair the mirror.

FDP and green at under 25-year-olds high in the course: So the young voters in Germany have coordinated

 FDP and green at under 25-year-olds high in the course: So the young voters in Germany have coordinated The Union breaks in all ages, the SPD is gaining in the older ones. The left is particularly unpopular in the older voters. © Photo: Roland Frankincense / DPA Every fourth voter under 40 wants to see the Greens in the governance. The Union is the clear loser of the general election, the SPD gains clearly. A big contribution to this was the over 60-year voters and voters. Because they make up about 40 percent of whale participants.

The FDP has approved the FDP, we would also have to keep Wissing, emphasized the transport policy spokesman of the Green Bundestag Faction. In addition, the Parliament must decide on a new version of car tax. In the coalition agreement, only a test assignment was formulated.

that now the SPD may not know about higher diesel taxes, makes it difficult for the Greens. And it reinforces the impression that social democrats and liberals just deal with the subject of traffic

common cause against them

. Wissings words misunderstood? Wissing had warned and warned in the "picture" newspaper from Saturday before additional loads for diesel vehicles and their drivers: "The FDP will ensure that higher energy taxes are compensated for diesel fuels due to lower motor vehicle taxes." Special attention Located the small business, which still depend on diesel vehicles. Specifically, Wissing called delivery services and craftsmen.

Coalition government: German friends, do not drag!

 Coalition government: German friends, do not drag! As green, liberal and social democrats negotiate, nearly three weeks after the legislative elections, the other States of the European Union expect anxiously, aware that no major initiative can advance without Berlin. Editorial of the "World". Nearly three weeks after the legislative elections of September 26, negotiations to form a progressive tripartite government coalition start in Berlin on Thursday, October 7th.

The Greens had indignant over it, although Wissing had not explicitly questioned higher diesel fuel taxes, but had only addressed a possible compensation over the vehicle tax, which is also mentioned in the coalition agreement. "That does not give the coalition agreement so," said Greens politician yellow hair.

The traffic lights parties had agreed on a vague formulated statement in the coalition agreement: "With the implementation of the EU Energy Center Directive, which provides for tax alignment of diesel fuel and gasoline, we will review the tax treatment of diesel vehicles in the vehicle tax. «

Criticism of Wissing also came from the speaker for railway policy in the Green Bundestag Faction, Matthias Hospel. He wrote to


: "A future traffic light Minister of trafficers should be astonest lawyer for train, bus and bicycle." He should rely on alternative, innovative drives »instead of backwards and future forgotten on fossil fuels«. Baden-Württemberg's Green Land Traffic Minister

ADAC: Diesel price rises in Germany on record high

 ADAC: Diesel price rises in Germany on record high diesel is so expensive to petrol stations in Germany as never before. In the nationwide daily average of Sunday, the price was 1.555 euros per liter, as the ADAC announced. © Carsten KOALL / DPA / Symbol image Motorists in Germany must pay a new record price for diesel. He minimally exceeded the previous record of 1.554 euros per liter of 26 August 2012. Also gasoline approaches a high. Super the variety E10 was 1,667 euros per liter on Sunday. This only lacks 4.2 cents for the record of 1.709

Winfried Hermann

also referred to the coalition agreement. It is "in connection with the approximation of diesel and gasoline tax only a test job, but no mission to reduce the car tax," said Hermann of the "world". "The designated Minister of Transport should first worry about how CO2 emissions can be reduced in the transport sector and how diesel vehicles can be replaced by emission-free vehicles," he advised Wissing. The Green Group Chairman in Lower Saxony Landtag, Julia Willie Hamburg, said the newspaper: "The fact that the designated Minister of Transport is already referred to as a lawyer of cars and desks diesel prices as well as vehicle taxes for burners is a blow to the account of the traffic light government, which has not even taken her work yet. "She added:" Such action is polarizing and not associate. "

on the green base and in the case of predictive green voters and voters cooked the anger on Wissing at the weekend - but also high - but Also on the own party leadership, which the Ministry of Transport had left to Liberals. In doing so, most of the fact that Wissing had rather a vague and the planned higher diesel fuel tax had basically not questioned, but rather presented them.

compensation for diesel tax: Wissing advertises for discharge of diesel drivers .
The designated Federal Traffic Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) warns of additional burdens for diesel vehicles and their drivers. "The FDP will ensure that higher energy taxes are compensated for diesel fuels due to lower motor vehicle taxes," said Wissing the "Image" newspaper from Saturday. He will "be used as well as that the reform of the energy tax directive does not lead to overbound burdens for taxpayers and taxpayers." © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA Symbol image Special attention is partic

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