Reviews Lamborghini and Rolex: 9 years in prison for state loan fraud by Texas

20:35  30 november  2021
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A 30-year-old Texan was sentenced to nine years in prison for fraud: he had obtained, by lying, more than 1.6 Million dollars of financial assistance as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Lamborghini et Rolex : 9 ans de prison pour fraude au prêt garanti par l'État au Texas © Houston Police Department

A heavy condemnation. Lee Price III, a 30-year-old Texan, was sentenced to nine years and two months in prison and money laundering, after pleading guilty of having fraudulently got more than $ 1.6 million secured loans by The state, as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) set up by the US administration facing the CVIV-19 pandemic. "Price has lied on the number of employees and wage expenditures for each application" formulated for three different companies, explains the Department of Justice , stating that the thirties had also "formulated a request on behalf of A deceased person shortly ".

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Lee Price III is not the first condemned for such facts, but that's the way he spent this money who has attracted attention: in addition to repaying a real estate credit, he bought "a Lamborghini Urus, a Ford F-350 truck, a Rolex watch "-For rates of $ 233,000, $ 85,000 and $ 14,000, according to Click2Houston -, stated the US authorities. "More than $ 700,000 fraudulently obtained" have been seized and will be deducted from the repayments he will have to do, said his lawyer. 'M. Price hopes others will understand that there is no easy money. He will spend the 110 months of his sentence to think, repent and rebuild his spoiled life, "said Tom Berg.

Jewelry, Rolls Royce and Food Pens

Several financial assistance surveys were opened in the United States, where nearly 11.9 million state-guaranteed loans were granted to allow small and medium-sized companies survive the crisis. Last month, a living in Georgia was indicted for fraud, suspected of lying to get an emergency loan for a business he did not have. Of the $ 85,000 obtained in August 2020, he spent nearly 58,000 to buy a Pokémon Collector card. In Florida, a Miami inhabitant is accused of spending a portion of the $ 3.9 million paid to help his business buy a Lamborghini at more than $ 315,000 and a reality star of Atlanta (Georgia) has spent 1.5 million dollars received for his business to buy jewelry, a Rolls Royce and pay late pensions.

The first person sentenced for exceptional aid fraud related to the pandemic, David Adler Staveley, was 56 months in prison last month. His case was rocampesque: after having received more than $ 543,000 from the spring of 2020 by leaving on the existence of several companies in his name and that of his brother, the man had simulated his suicide, leaving behind words of goodbye to his mother and his friends. He had been arrested two months later.

More than 160 people were charged for similar facts, as part of 95 investigations. In total, the US authorities have recovered more than $ 75 million unduly obtained.

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