Reviews Watzke in front of Bavaria: "They should come quietly"

13:35  01 december  2021
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Ex-Bayern boss Rummenigge Prophecy «Auction» To Haaland

 Ex-Bayern boss Rummenigge Prophecy «Auction» To Haaland The former Bavaria boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge holds a change from Borussia Dortmund's Topstürmer Erling Haaland to Bayern Munich in the coming year for almost excluded. "I think that will not be acceptable for a club from the Bundesliga, either for FC Bayern," said the 65-year-old of the Spanish newspaper "As" with a view of the possible salary for the 21-year-old Norwegian. © Stuart Franklin / Getty Images Europe / Pool / DPA / Symbol Image A game ball lies on the grass.

Hans-Joachim Watzke (62) has talked about the top game against Bavaria in an interview about Marco Rose, Erling Haaland and the Champions League-out.

Kampfeslustig ins Topspiel: Hans-Joachim Watzke. © Imago Images / MIS Combatable to top match: Hans-Joachim Watzke.

BVB Managing Director about Rose, Haaland and CL-from

on Saturday evening (18.30 pm, live! At Kicker) Borussia Dortmund can pass by a victory at FC Bayern, and is based on Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke, that's also possible: "If you win 17 of the last 20 Bundesliga games, then you have had enough confidence," he said in an interview at "Sky": "We showed in Wolfsburg, what we are able if we are reasonably complete."

No mentality? Bochum boss defends itself to 0: 7

 No mentality? Bochum boss defends itself to 0: 7 The VfL Bochum must accept a sensitive defeat in Munich. Sport director Sebastian Schindzielorz clarifies about the situation at the newcomer. © Provided by sport1.de No mentality? Bochum Boss defends himself after 0: 7 "that we are not allowed to occur, I'm going with it. But to say, we have no mentality, I do not go with me, "Sebastian Schindzielorz said a day after the fierce 0: 7 bankruptcy of the VfL Bochum at Bayern in the steelwork double pass on Sport1.

Watzke expects the BVB to "courage" and "self-confident" as Last Saturday. Exactly so there is trainer Marco Rose of the team. "I experience him fighting every day. And that's the way you should come quietly," Watzke said with a greeting to Bayern.

"For his development, it would also be top if he stays with us a bit longer" (Watzke over Haaland)

despite the "stupid" departing in the Champions League and its effects on "The business card of Borussia Dortmund" - the he "Worse" finds as the financial - "Now we do not have to leave the overall look," says Watzke and strengthens above all Rose. "We got 30 points in the Bundesliga from 13 games. That did not succeed us so often. You can certainly say that he", so rose, "fits out great to the club. That's just how you realize that."

Next draw: Frankfurt is in the basement fixed

 Next draw: Frankfurt is in the basement fixed Eintracht Frankfurt must continue to wait for the first season win. Against the 1st FC Cologne, the Hesse succeeds no threesome. © Provided by sport1.de Next draw: Frankfurt stuck in the basement Fest The remarrier of Eintracht Frankfurt continues in the football Bundesliga on the spot. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga) The Hessen did not go beyond a 1-1 (1: 1) against the dimensions 1. FC Cologne and set the club record with the fifth draw in series.

The same applies to Erling Haaland, who scored the 50th goal in Wolfsburg at his comeback in the 50th Bundesliga game. "That triggers something if you have asser in the squad. With his positive broadcast and his positive craze, the opponent and his own team triggers something."

Watzke advises Haaland to BVB whereab in the summer

is going to Watzke, the Norwegian, who can leave the club by the season by exit clause, beyond the summer in Dortmund: "We will take conversations, will lead the unreaded and would lead wish us, he stays longer with us. "

should not happen, "we will also accept it. And we will find solutions again. That's totally clear. This is in the DNA from the BVB in it. But already for his development it would also be top if he is still A little longer with us stays, "Stressed Watzke.

"Ecological Patriotism": Robert Dabeck negotiates Wind power expansion with Markus Söder .
In the dispute over the expansion of wind power in Bavaria, the Free State will provide proposals at the latest by March, as the capacity can be raised, despite the controversial distance control. For this purpose, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and federal climate minister Robert Habeck (Greens) agreed at a meeting on Thursday in Munich. © DPA Bavaria Save Robert Daheck soon suggestions for the expansion of wind power.

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