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12:15  22 december  2021
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Possible bankruptcy of Evergrand: The impact for the euro zone "would be limited", according to Christine Lagarde

 Possible bankruptcy of Evergrand: The impact for the euro zone © provided by the Parisian the Parisian probably limited consequences. The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, relativised, this Friday, the impact that would have for the euro zone a possible bankruptcy of the Chinese real estate ultra-indebted Evergrand .

Why you should look closer to your 1 euro coins in the purse in more detail in the future.

Eine Ein-Euro-Münze © Simarik / iStock A one-euro coin

money that is worth more than the number printed on it? Possible - thanks to malformations. These are rare and therefore particularly exciting for collecting and interested.

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So see the misprints from

who keeps a euro in the hands in the future: look at the good piece more closely before you pay with it. Because mispresses can be auctioned on auctions and contribute a lot of money compared to the actual value of the coin.

Euro zone: energy propels inflation at the highest since 2008 in September

 Euro zone: energy propels inflation at the highest since 2008 in September © Steve Buissinne The prices of gas, electricity and oil have increased throughout Europe. Prize - According to many experts, the current inflationary thrust is essentially linked to the outbreak of oil and gas prices and component shortages in the industry due to the outbreak of energy prices, The rate of inflation in zone EURO jumped in September to 3.4% over one year, at the highest for 13 years, announced Eurostat, this Friday.

2020 happened to a auction in Dusseldorf. There, the seller became a proud 120 euros for one euro. It was a mispreguit of Monaco. There, whole 2991 coins in 2007 were incorrectly printed.

The mint and the engraving sign, which can be found on each coin, have simply forgotten here. These imprints are sorted out, but some of them still came into circulation.

If you want to check your euro coins in the future, you can watch the wrongly embossed Euro on the side of the auction house. Much luck!

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Euro de handball: TF1 will broadcast the Semi-Final France-Sweden Friday, January 28 in premium .
Friday 28 January, TF1 will broadcast the semi-final of the Handball Euro opposing France to Sweden. © DR Friday, January 28, TF1 will broadcast the semifinal of the Handball Euro on the premium opposing France to Sweden. The French Handball team has used us in the past to XXL performance. Once is not custom, the blues raised mountains and have shown that they were able to overthrow a previously engaged game.

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