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06:58  16 march  2022
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Tesla recalls nearly 500,000 vehicles for

 Tesla recalls nearly 500,000 vehicles for trunk problems © Mark Ralston, AFP Tesla electric vehicle manufacturer has hired the US recall of nearly half a million Model 3 and Model S Due to problems related to vehicle chests. Due to cars' chest problems, the TESLA electric vehicle manufacturer engaged the US recall of nearly half a million model 3 and model S. the Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Tesla Committed to the US recall of nearly half a million model 3 and model S due to problems related to vehicle safes.

The extreme oil prices, but also natural disasters in all parts of the world heat up the demand for electric cars. So it is not surprised that the used car market benefits. But why are the prices in the industry prime of Tesla rise so fast?

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• Great demand for electric vehicles

• Delivery times up to 2023

• Gains on the electro-used car market

The German car market shows after the weak previous year for the start of the year 2022 lightweight recreational tendencies. Growth compared to the previous year is fully on the account of electric vehicles. The US carmaker Tesla is now also in Germany in place 1 of the most popular electric cars. Especially the Model 3 and the in the future in Brandenburg, Grünheide built Model Y enjoy growing popularity.

Tesla share predominantly fertilizer: Tesla with record numbers in China

 Tesla share predominantly fertilizer: Tesla with record numbers in China For the Electroautobauer Tesla, the transactions in China were apparently outstanding in December. © Provided by Finanzen.net ASIF Hassan / AFP / Getty Images • Tesla with strong december sales • Monatskord reaches • Strong competition in the region data of the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has the US Group, the US Group has Tesla in December 70.847 vehicles manufactured in China sold - more than ever before in a month, since the production started in the factory in Shanghai 2019.

Video: Elon Musk donated $ 5.7 billion in Tesla shares for charity (Glomex)

Even in the US, orders from Tesla vehicles increase rapidly. One reason for the change to electric cars are the extremely high gas and oil prices with the war in Ukraine. President biders urges an energy transition and the introduction of new electric vehicles and in a market in which Tesla already has the largest market share with 80 percent.

Very long delivery times

The waiting times for new cars were already several months at Tesla in the past. However, the situation has increasingly reinforced with coronary difficulties in the supply chain and semiconductor scarcity. According to Teslamag, the delivery time for a Tesla Model 3 in the US is approximately four to five months and in Europe planned deliveries of new orders were even postponed to February 2023. In Australia, the delivery time is according to The Driven three to seven months, as the country depends on the left-hand traffic of supply and demand in the UK.

Cadillac Starts Taking Orders for the Lyriq This May

  Cadillac Starts Taking Orders for the Lyriq This May Your all-electric Cadillac goes on sale soon, but finding a dealership might be a challenge.That might change with the company’s expansion into electrification and the launch of its new all-electric Lyriq.

T-tensioned used car market

also the demand for used Tesla shoots the height and thus the prices explode. The model 3, according to Bloomberg, the used cars "blown up the frame". Owners of electric vehicles use shortage and long waiting times to sell their cars at high prices. Demand is here, the buyers are obviously ready to pay the high prices. "The resale value of E vehicles is generally much higher than that of a corresponding gasoline or diesel vehicle," says Riz Akhtar, founder of the EV sales analysis site Carloop. However, that vehicles are reselled on the speedometer with several thousand kilometers over their original purchase price, but is a new phenomenon. Individual sales offerings of Teslas Mass Market Vehicle Model 3 seem unrealistic with surcharges of up to 100 percent, but show how speculative the used car market develops in this segment.

The phenomenon such high traditional electric vehicles can also be seen from other manufacturers from the EV segment, even waiting list places for electric new cars are traded high. For example, in China, waiting list places, for example, require exorbitant surcharges on the resale of their pre-orders for the ET7 of Nio , reports approximately the industry portal CNEVPOST.

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