Reviews heirs of Martin Gotthard Schneider prohibit Persiflage "Thanks for this good morning«

16:50  26 march  2022
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»Thank you for this good morning« is one of the most famous German church songs. With a transferred version, a director has now raised the heirs of the composer against him.

  Erben von Martin Gotthard Schneider untersagen Persiflage auf »Danke für diesen guten Morgen« © Oliver Dietze / DPA

The heirs of the German composer Martin Gotthard Schneider from Konstanz are again against the use of his well-known church song "Thank you for this good morning" in a modern piece. The Austrian author and director Kurt Palm had built the melody with modified text in his play " This is the End, My Friend ", which was premiere on March 17 at the Phoenix Theater in Linz.

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The use of the song in production, which is referred to by Palm as a "dystopic horror clamot", correspond to "in no way the theological intentions of the author," criticized the heirs community on Saturday in a message. Schneider had been important that changes to the text do not contradict "the spirit of his original".

for this reason, and because Palm has not obtained any approval, the heirs prohibited further use. The theater announced that the song was deleted from the piece.

According to the heirs of Schneider (1930-2017), the theater maker Kurt Palm was based on the use that he had been a child ministrant and member of the Catholic Jungschar. Palm had, among other things, the new line "Thank you for this selchfleisch dumpling".

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1963 Six weeks in the German Charts

two years ago, the song had to be deleted from Olga Neuwirth to the pressure of heirs from the contemporary Operial Opera "Orlando", which was listed in the Vienna State Opera. At one point of the factory, faithful children sang the song and fell into the arms of a priest who abuses them.

with "Thank you for this good morning" Martin Gotthard Schneider stormed the German charts in 1963. Six weeks hitting the hit was among the most popular songs and made the Protestant theologian, church musicians and composers known. The song has been translated into more than 25 languages ​​and added to the Protestant voucher. In Catholic works it can be found, and there is also a punk capture of the "doctors".

Theologians and church musicians had first distanced themselves from the church blow, because melody and text appeared to simple and placant. It was just the tailor success recipe. From his pen, more spiritual songs come from, including a ship that calls community. " Martin Gotthard Schneider died on 3 February 2017 in Konstanz.

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