Reviews Laurent Robert: "The first stains, it was still quite bizarre"

22:40  08 april  2022
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Death at 88 years of Lucienne Moreau, the old granny funny newspaper

 Death at 88 years of Lucienne Moreau, the old granny funny newspaper © Laurent Benhamou / Sipa Death at 88 years of Lucienne Moreau, the former Grandma Drôlissime of the little newspaper Lucienne Moreau, who had animated a chronicle Satirique memorable in the little newspaper (Canal +), died this Sunday, January 16th to 88 years. His former colleagues and elected officials make him a vibrant tribute. This is a sad new for fans. The death of Lucienne Moreau at the dawn of his 89, occurred on Sunday, January 16, has just been announced.

  Laurent Robert : « Les premières colorations, c'était quand même assez bizarre » © supplied by Sofoot

Laurent Robert and his mule strike lent themselves at the game of the best of / worst of. Small return on some crisp moments of the career of one of the most famous frenchies of Newcastle.

Do you remember the worst crafted you have witnessed?

with Luis Fernandez, one loses in Milan in the Champions League. I was on the bench, he introduced me. I'm not super motivated at the end of the game. He goes into me in, but here, for me, it was not serious. Sincerely, I did not care a little bit, I did not pay particular attention, it was luis.


The worst tackle you have suffered?

I do not remember it. The only thing is that there were a lot of players who wanted to catch me. I was fast enough, and that was what was a problem for my opponents.

"Ecological Patriotism": Robert Dabeck negotiates Wind power expansion with Markus Söder

 In the dispute over the expansion of wind power in Bavaria, the Free State will provide proposals at the latest by March, as the capacity can be raised, despite the controversial distance control. For this purpose, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and federal climate minister Robert Habeck (Greens) agreed at a meeting on Thursday in Munich. © DPA Bavaria Save Robert Daheck soon suggestions for the expansion of wind power.

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The worst disappointment during your career?

It was

5-4 against the Olympique de Marseille in 1999 with Montpellier. We earn 4-0 at half-time and incomprehensiblely, we lose this match. I wanted to herself strongly, I felt faulty. I was so sad that in the evening, I had not slept.


The worst celebration you have done?

There are times when I was so euphoric that I did anything. I remember once in particular. It was against PSG more, with Montpellier. I march the third goal and give victory to my teammates. I'm doing a crazy race because I did not come back, what. I'm doing a jump and I fall back on the buttocks, I did really hurt.

The worst haircut?

We will say that it is when I saw land the first stains on the players' head. What is a new fashion? We did not understand too much in my time, it was still quite weird.

We asked Laurent Robert to deliver his best or worst memories, and as usual, he sends wood! To see the program for free in full, it's here:

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April 8, 2022

commuter hammer! This extra at the 9 euro ticket ensures vortex .
the planned 9 euro ticket for commuters in Germany will come soon - and still has a special feature in Petto. © Meinzahn / iStock S-Bahn Tomorrow 13 April 2022 All details of the 9 Euro Ticket are to be officially proclaimed in traffic associations - but in advance information is already leaked.

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