Reviews demon spider: A 14-year-old becomes a sticker to the viral hit

04:50  20 july  2022
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If elections are pending in the USA, Americans like to signal with "I voted" stickers that they have already chosen. In Ulster County, the sticker of a colorful demon spider is now to increase the turnout.

Die Dämonenspinne von Ulster County. © GIZMODO The demon spider from Ulster County.

In the first part of Pixar's cult animation film "Toy Story" there is a neighboring boy who creates creepy hybrid creatures from broken toys. Among other things, he assembled a doll's head on a metallic spider. Exactly such a monster is now to be the face of the "i voted" sticker campaign in a US county.

On November 8 of this year, the parliamentary elections will be pose in the United States. The advertising drums are already being stirred vigorously and minors who are not entitled to vote are also included.

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So also in Ulster County, where a local online sticker competition for the popular "I Voted" stickers was proclaimed. With his creation, 14-year-old Hudson Rowan from Marbletown, New York, managed to become a viral hit. His sticker has nothing to do with a classic election sticker. Rowan's sticker shows a human head with red eyes, colorful teeth and spider legs that act as a body. In addition to the creature, "i voted" is in red on white.

Young people are to be sensitized to politics

The stickers were created by students between the ages of 13 and 18 from the districts of the district. Rowan's spider creature received the most voices and is thus sent into the race as the official sticker from Ulster County.

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With the competition, local politicians hope to increase the turnout and to promote the interest of young people who will soon become voters. Ashley Dittus, the democratic commissioner of the election committee of Ulster County, is also pleased that the demon spider of Ulster County is now viral, as she confirmed to Gizmodo . She said that young people popular online platforms such as Tikkok and Instagram on which the winning sticker is shared can be "an effective instrument", "to inform voters about their rights how to register for coordination and Ultimately, how you can give up your vote if you are old enough for it ”.

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