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Mercedes Formula 1 team is investing in sustainable flight fuel

 Mercedes Formula 1 team is investing in sustainable flight fuel © Motorsport Images Toto Wolff also personally thinks a lot about the topic of sustainability according to as a "First sports team worldwide", the Mercedes formula 1 team is investing in sustainable Flow fuel. The measure is part of the program with which the racing team from Brackley wants to reach CO2 neutrality by 2030. "Sustainable flight fuel has the potential, the way we travel, and the effects we have on the environment.

Mercedes for the first time in the current season in eight years. But it goes uphill, says team boss Toto Wolff.

Diese Aussagen des Mercedes-Bosses lassen aufhorchen © provided by Sport1.de These statements of the Mercedes boss make a list. Moving… The so -called porpoising has hidden the start of the season for the world of designers over the past eight years. Despite innovative because of extremely slim waist, the former permanent winner in 2022 does not fight for victories, but instead by car.

"The start of the season was not good, it cannot be described differently," said team boss Toto Wolff. "If you become world champion in December and then cannot ride around the top, that's frustrating."

Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun"

 Barca boss: Lewandowski Barca boss Joan Laporta raves about newcomer Robert Lewandowski. The pole is "a machine gun". Among other things, he owes that to his wife. © provided by Sport1.de Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun" Barca boss Joan Laporta has referred to new access Robert Lewandowski as "a machine gun". (Data: The table of La Liga) “Barca needs a striker who shoots goals that is ingenious, like every big team. Robert is a machine gun.

(Data: The driver rating of Formula 1)

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The problem: Sometimes the silver arrow has too much downforce and causes back pain with the unpleasant hop at Starpilot Lewis Hamilton. Again, the contact pressure is missing to build enough grip in the curves. And as if both were not enough, the technicians also complain about an air resistance that is too high. An ominous combination. "Our biggest weakness was this bouncy movement of the car from the start," confirms Wolff. “This overshadowed and hindered aerodynamic development. The more drift we produced with the car, the worse he hopped. From Spain we understood the vehicle better and better, and before the summer break we eliminated porpoising. But we have a few months on our opponents. ”

24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record

 24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record Lamborghini at the 24h Spa 2022 is on pole position: Andrea Caldarelli in the Huracan GT3 EVO #6 from K-Pax Racing has secured the best starting place at the 74th edition of the Belgian long-distance classic. © provided by Motorsport.com 24h Spa 2022: Pole for Lamborghini! Caldarelli destroys route record result Superpole Caldarelli in the Superpole session at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps destroyed the route record that Ferrari driver Antonio Fuoco had only set up in qualifying on Thursday

(Data: The team classification of Formula 1

) Mercedes wants to attack Ferrari

Video: Formula 1 Q & A: Does Binotto go at Ferrari? (Glomex)

Nevertheless, the Viennese even sees this positively: “Those days we lose are the most educational. The hard lessons that we have had to do in the past few months will be useful for years. ” also includes the realization of sometimes improvising better than getting bogged down in the data. "We did unconventional things this season," reveals the Austrian. “I remember a conversation with a very clever lady from the aerodynamic team. And she said, 'If you had told me last year that we would bring a underbody to the car that we did not test in the wind tunnel, I would have said that we would never do it.' But we did it, and everyone was proud of the results. ”

(Data: The Racing Calendar of Formula 1)

In nine of 13 races, there was at least one Mercedes driver on the podium. in Hungary Rasste George Russell last to pole position

Daimler Truck suffers from ECJ defeat due to cartel

 Daimler Truck suffers from ECJ defeat due to cartel Daimler Truck threatens a payment payment due to a price cartel when selling garbage vehicles to the Lower Saxony district of Northeim. According to a judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Monday, the garbage vehicles were affected by unlawful agreements (legal matter C-588/20). According to the district, the price setting caused damage when buying the vehicles. © Uwe Anspach/dpa truck in the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Customer Center.

. In the World Cup, the team based in Brackley is currently in third place. There are already 127 points on Red Bull. Ferrari is still in striking distance with only 30 points ahead of Mercedes.

Wolff: "This will become very interesting" The goal for the second half of the season: "Increase our quality speed and thus be able to get victories again," says Wolff. “I don't think we are close enough to Ferrari and Red Bull to really challenge them. But we learn a lot and it is important to do something wrong. ”

exciting for Mercedes should be the race in Spa (Belgium).

Because there the technical directive of the FIA, which is supposed to prevent the bouncing, uses

. Mercedes expects the new rule to prevent the potential use of flexible lower floors, as Red Bull and Ferrari are said to have screwed on their cars.

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"This becomes very interesting," the team boss looks ahead. “Let's see if the difference in the vehicle height then makes a difference for the teams that have driven so deep. I no longer believe in the Silverbullets that we are suddenly three tenths faster than everyone, but it will be interesting. ” is certain: The ups and downs at Mercedes should end the new directive either way…

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Dinamic-Porsche with route record at ADAC GT Masters test .
Best to measure: The team Dinamic Motorsport at the Lausitzring in the ADAC GT Masters (both races from 12:30 p.m. at Nitro!) Caused a sensation. Klaus Bachler and Adrien de Leener appear at the top of the three sessions at the top of the three sessions - with a new unofficial course record of 1: 21.153 minutes. He is not officially because the test drives are not an official part of the race weekend. © provided by Motorsport.com Dinamic-Porsche with route record at the ADAC GT Masters test So

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